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Action Needed To Service Expected Fertilizer Demand

It was noted at the annual Grain SA – Fertasa planning meeting for the coming summer crop season, that fertilizer imports in 2023 were slower than in previous years.



This was probably due to uncertainty of when falling international fertilizer prices would reach their low benchmark and waiting for grain prices to increase.

Both of the above have happened! The latter is due to the cancellation of the Black Sea contract.  Additionally, a larger-than-average maize yield is expected.

The above factors and the fact that Grain SA are motivating Producers to rather buy their fertilizer earlier than later will most probably lead to a rapid increase in fertilizer demand.

Fertilizer companies are therefore urged to finalize orders for their usual imports to avoid fertilizer shortages later this year.

Transnet is urgently requested, as in 2022, to give the necessary priority to the unloading of fertilizer at the ports of entry to allow rapid flow of the expected fertilizer imports.


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