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Success Story: Vegetable seed with Multicote Agri

Vegetable Seed With Multicote Agri

South Africa has some of the most ideal locations in the southern Hemisphere to grow and multiply highly valuable vegetable seeds destined for the European summer planting season. The remoteness and technical expertise of the local growers are key ingredients that are required for successful production of this niche market.

Recent advances in locally formulated Multicote Agri, Controlled Release Fertilizer blends have enabled sustained nutrient availability and crop health during this prolonged growing cycle. The management benefit of reduced fertilizer applications during the season is a major advantage to growers.


On a recent visit to the Vredendal region, together with Johan Coetzee (grower), Oubaas Kersop (Syngenta Seed) and Michael Koch (Haifa), we inspected this leafy salad crop being harvested for its seed.

Over the past 6 years, various other groups of vegetable seed crops (e.g., cucurbit, brassica and onion) have been successfully fertilized with Multicote Agri, increasing the seed production, while maintaining seed quality.

Multicote™ Agri Controlled Release Fertilizers are designed to feed agricultural crops continuously throughout the growth season – for optimal growth and yield production

Based on Haifa’s polymer coating technology, Multicote™ Agri release nutrients to the soil in a gradual manner, according to plant’s requirements. This prevents leaching of nutrients, thus improving nutrient use efficiency and allowing for reduced application rates.



Multicote™ Premier- giving the best nutrition to your plants

Haifa Group's new premium controlled release fertilizer offers top performance for ornamental nurseries.

A single application of Multicote™ Premier provides plants with complete, carefully balanced nutrition during their growth, from initial propagation through all the potting stages.

Multicote™ Premier feeds plants according to their needs, preventing any disruptive shortages or any situations of oversupply that can impair growth and health.

The benefits of Multicote™ Premier have been demonstrated in trials and field observations, in which higher levels of plant-available nutrients were supplied to the growth medium, which resulted in vital growth of healthy, strong, and resilient plants.

**Multicote™ Premier is certified by RHP, the European knowledge center for growing media. This certificate assures that Multicote™ Premier is produced, packaged, checked, and handled properly, under constant inspection that assures its quality.


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Haifa Group | Success Story: Vegetable seed with Multicote Agri