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LTG’s Ingredients To Success - What Sets Us Apart From Other Logistical Service Providers

  • LTG is part of the WCA network who has access to 7317 agent offices in 191 countries worldwide which enables LTG to choose the best agent to assist with shipments.
  • LTG is ISO 9001:2015 certified which is internationally recognised. We have a state-of-the-art Business Management System (BMS) which means we are a professional and well-structured company.
  • LTG is a Level 2 BBBEE company, which enables our clients to claim 125% on their procurement spent with LTG.
  • LTG is approachable and will assist with any special requests the client requires i.e. urgent meetings to discuss shipments which would require special attention.
  • LTG offers a daily progress report which reflects the shipment details, estimated date of arrival and if there are any changes.  This report is transparent and if changes occur throughout the day it will be communicated to the client if preferred.
  • LTG offers a notification service to advise customers of possible port strikes, transport strikes and any other unplanned incidents which might affect shipments.
  • LTG offers a personalised service where you get appointed your own shipment controller to be your point of contact.  All operations managers are available during all times to assist where possible,
  • LTG prides themselves on client service and appreciates any feedback, compliments, complaints and suggestions to keep us providing the best service we can,
  • LTG strives not only to be your logistics provider but also to become your business partner and get to know your business,
  • LTG is community orientated and is involved in various projects uplifting the community and assisting wherever needs may arise – this is evident on our Facebook page as well as our website,
  • LTG strives to make every employee feel special and to be part of a wonderful team who we call the LTG family,
  • LTG can offer our services to any market segment.  We cover the Automotive, Mining, Engineering, Textile, Agricultural both feeds and equipment, Printing, Aviation, Steel, Electronics, Specialised Tooling and many more.


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