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Preventing The Adverse Effects Of Mycotoxins On Animal Production

Mycotoxins affect virtually all agricultural animals, often resulting in their deaths. It is key to constantly investigate the causes in order to prevent them in the future. Biomin® has discovered that with the proper animal nutrition many of these deaths can be prevented.


Moulds exist that naturally occur on grains and produce mycotoxins; these mycotoxins then go into the feeds eaten by most animals produced in agriculture. Mycotoxins all vary in the way in which they attack the animal’s organs and how they grow and manifest. Different strategies are needed to combat their different chemical structures. The infections of animals by mycotoxins cost the agricultural sector billions every year.

Annual surveys testing feeds from around the world have found that 80% of them contain one or more mycotoxins. This is why Biomin® is dedicated to researching and testing in order to discover new ways to protect agricultural animals from mycotoxins.

Protecting Poultry, Pigs, Ruminants and Aquaculture from Mycotoxins

As the fastest growing sector in animal production for the last 25 years, poultry health is crucial to sustainable and ethical agricultural animal production. Poultry requires a number of nutrients to ensure they grow and remain healthy. Subclinical mycotoxicosis affects poultry in a number of ways which often prove fatal to the birds. By including Mycofix® as a part of your animal nutrition strategy you help fight against mycotoxins being introduced into the diets of your poultry, pigs, ruminants and aquaculture as a means of keeping your livelihood intact and the animals healthy.

Mycofix® is the solution developed by Biomin®

Mycofix® is a line of specially formulated products administered as feed additives to protect animal health. Mycofix® works by deactivating mycotoxins found in contaminated feed that could be deadly to the animals. It is effective to use in the feeds of poultry, pigs, ruminant feed and even that of aquacultures like shrimp and fish. Mycofix® provides absolute protection by using three different strategies in one additive to fight against various mycotoxins.

Biomin® has proudly developed an agricultural product that will save the agricultural sector billions of dollars as well as animals from illness. Visit the Biomin® website for more information on how to provide your agricultural animals the best animal nutrition products on the market.

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