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Platform Scale South Africa

Platform Scale South Africa

Platform scales are used to weigh very cumbersome, heavy objects. Users need to make use of platform scales that can resist consistent weighing and are wide enough to take on large objects. Platform scales make weighing much easier, and take out the risk of injury for users doing the weighing.

What Are Platform Scales?

Industrial platform scales are built to show the weight of items. They’re made of stainless steel which helps them be easily cleaned – especially if items being weight spill or mess, or if an animal is being weighed and they need the scale cleaned and sanitised. Platform scales may be incorporated with a diamond plate surface – this is used for added grip to keep objects and animals from slipping off. Platform scales come in various sizes and are available for different functions and applications. Platform scales are perfect for heavy duty weighing and are strong.

What Are the Benefits of Industrial Platform Scales?

Suitable For Various Industries

Industrial platform scales can be used across a range of industries, from agriculture, to manufacturing. They're often required to weigh bulky, cumbersome items such as containers or pallets, or to count a very high amount of smaller pieces such as screws, bolts or mechanised parts.

Some farmers will use platform scales to comfortably weigh larger animals as well. They may also use them to weigh bulk commodities or grain sacks. Regulated industrial platform scales are built in to many counters at airports to determine the weight of lso used in airports to weigh luggage.

Improve Workflow

Platform scales can ensure that productivity is high on the production lines of your factory. There are a ways an industrial platform scale can improve workplace productivity:

  • Ensures quality control: Using platform weighing scales in processing is key for businesses to meet regulations, especially when needing to create exact measurements of products for the public. These regulations ensure the quality of certain products. By showing accurate weight, factories can show their compliance.
  • Eases workflow: Organisations are more efficient with saved time, eliminated wastage and becomes a better use of human resources; thus saving money and aiding organisation growth. Most platform scales are user-friendly and come with a user guide to help the operator work with ease.
  • Peace of mind: Our advanced team of Verification Officers provide excellent service and quality work with regard to the calibration and general function of your scales. We have our very own accredited verification lab SANAS LTF0083 as well as a calibration lab SANAS 1476.

Easily Record Weight Data

By transferring data to a spreadsheet or database, or printing the data off using an attached printer, retrospectively referencing the weight of items and making comparisons is made easy. Without them, many processes are far more difficult.

At Klerkscale Industrial Weighing Equipment, we offer two types of platform scales, including the Micro T7e Digital Platform Scale and the Micro T2 Digital Platform Scale. We pride ourselves on our quality equipment.

For more information on platform scales for sale, as well as other agricultural and manufacturing equipment, visit our directory

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