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Formulating Sustainable Growth

Rolfes Agri (Pty) Ltd was established in 1998 as AgChem Africa (Pty) Ltd. In 2011 a 70% stake holding, and in 2015 the remainder of the stake holding was acquired by the Rolfes Group Ltd, a JSE listed Company. In December 2017, the Holding company’s name was adopted and the company’s name changed from AgChem Africa (Pty) Ltd to Rolfes Agri Ltd.

Being based in South Africa, a country with a vast variety of climatic regions, at Rolfes Agri (Pty) Ltd we understand the vast and changing variety of agricultural product requirements.


At Rolfes Agri (Pty) Ltd, we are committed to maintain our purpose of developing, formulating and manufacturing innovative agricultural products of consistent high quality for both local and international markets. In doing so, Rolfes Agri (Pty) Ltd employ the latest technological advances - with due regard to environmental safety - to ensure that value is added to our products and the businesses of our customers. Our business ethics centre on honesty, transparency, and the ability to adapt to the ongoing changes in the market conditions, world climates and subsequently the needs of our customers.


Rolfes Agri invests considerable time and energy in product development. Our innovative development team makes Rolfes Agri attractive to suppliers, distribution agents and toll manufacturers alike. In order to retain and expand this ability to develop and manufacture products, it will remain imperative for Rolfes Agri to identify and recruit dynamic and knowledgeable technical staff. The ability of these personnel to work in teams with diverse backgrounds has kept Rolfes Agri ahead of its competitors.

With inputs from dedicated analytical, independent registration consultants and its in-house expertise, Rolfes Agri has been able to streamline our product development to include all aspects of agricultural remedies, types of formulations and methods of manufacture.

Rolfes Agri has within the company a wealth of technical expertise to actively support all the products developed. A large portion of product formulation and development is conducted in-house.

Researchers at universities and research institutions also perform independent research and development on contract for Rolfes Agri. The technical team is in constant contact with the South African Department of Agriculture to ensure products being developed meets government approval, are environmentally safe and fits into an established integrated crop protection program.


Rolfes Agri became ISO Certified in 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectably. Rolfes Agri is very proud and excited to announce that we achieved ISO 45001 certification in 2019.

By being ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certified, Rolfes Agri ensures customers that as a company we will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations by continuously improving our processes, products & services carried out by fully trained people while treating customers with the necessary respect, courtesy, professionalism, efficiency & friendliness. We as Rolfes Agri are committed to environmental protection and prevention of pollution. As a leading industrial enterprise, at the forefront of technological innovation in manufacturing of agricultural remedies, Rolfes Agri recognises its responsibilities to the environment and is committed to the best environmental practice. We manufacture product that is not harmful to the environment and have a positive influence on the end market.


With the help of every single employee in the company it made the certification process a lot easier than expected. Team work & the willingness of everyone ensured that we always “say what we do, and do as we say”. This is the key to maintaining a working & continuously improving RAIMS (Rolfes Agri Integrated Management System).

Our product range consists of

  • Adjuvants
  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fertilisers
  • Soil Conditioners
  • Biological Products
  • Seed treatments
  • Stress Management products
  • Inoculants

Our focus is not exclusively on formulating and developing innovative products, we maintain a holistic approach which includes various service offerings such as; a dedicated Research and Development department, Absolute Agri Crop Technology (leaf analysis and customised product recommendations), Technical and product support in-field, in-house product formulation laboratory, customer service excellence, product registrations, logistics and warehousing.


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Rolfes Agri has within the company a wealth of technical expertise to actively support all the products developed