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Centre Pivots Senter360

Senter360 is a privately owned company and registered in South Africa, which operates from the rural town of Klerksdorp in the North West province, approximately 200km west of the financial capital Johannesburg.

The company has been manufacturing and supplying centre pivots since 1994, specialising in the surveying, design, installation and commissioning of centre pivot irrigation systems i.e. from a stand-alone pivot to pumping from the water source via a pipeline that service the system.

We not only conduct our business in South Africa and the rest of the African continent, but the company has embarked on a strategy to expand its footprint into other markets in the world.       


The Senter360 pivot is known for its above standard structure strength and durability, achieved through extra sets of steel pipe trusses fitted to each span, which is not only lighter than angle iron trusses but also more wind resistant due to its aerodynamic shape. The latest technology is applied in all sprinkler packages, ensuring that world class water distribution is achieved, with minimal evaporation losses, in a cost efficient manner. Emphasis is placed on ensuring the customer’s experience in controlling the pivot is a user friendly experience through our “EziTech” control panel range.     

As a company we are focussed on delivering our mandate of converting water into rain, in a profitable and sustainable manner, to ensure food security in Africa and the rest of the world. This is achieved through a clear strategy and living our values day by day. We look forward to getting to know you better!

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At Senter360 we recognise two service categories namely: Direct and Indirect services.

Direct services

Direct services are defined as all services related directly to the commissioning of an irrigation system namely:

  • The surveying and design of any type of irrigation system where centre pivots are involved.
  • The erection of all pivot systems are performed by Senter360 accredited erectors.
  • The stocking of all pivot spare parts and components including motors, gearboxes, rods, wheels, cable etc., which can be procured over the counter or online through all payment channels.
  • The cleaning and reconditioning of motors, pumps and gearboxes.
  • The manufacturing and commissioning of pump and motor combinations (be it on a frame or in a pump house setup) or floats for water extraction directly from rivers and dams.
  • The optimisation of existing irrigation systems including fault finding analyses where challenges are experienced.


Indirect services

Indirect services are defined as ad hoc services we can perform on customer request including:

  • The relocation of pivots
  • Damage assessments for insurance claim purposes (Senter360 is often requested to fulfil an assessor role for insurance underwriters in claims)
  • Technical advice on pivots and irrigation systems including water flows, pipeline pressure, friction loss, drainage etc.
  • Access to agricultural specialists and a wide network of sub-contractors that can perform specialist services in the irrigation and agricultural space.

Some of our employees are part time farmers themselves, thus, we are fond of sharing our own experiences and advice on matters, as applicable.

Refer to our Contact Us page to engage with the Project Team on the above services.


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