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The Intricacy of Fleet Management Services

The Intricacy of Fleet Management Services

Vehicle fleets are a core pillar stone of our society. Without these fleets, we would not be able to transport food from farmers to shops, or products from harbours to malls. In order for our society to function optimally, fleets need to function efficiently. In this article, we will discuss fleet management and why one should consider hiring a company that specialises in fleet management services.


What Are Fleet Management Services?

When one has a large fleet of transportation vehicles, it is important to track various metrics to ensure the fleet is running optimally. This can be a very technical and complicated process that requires one to design and adjust processes until one has perfected and optimised one’s fleet management process. If one does not have the skill and experience to do this internally, a business can choose to make use of fleet management services. Such companies specialise in the optimisation of fleet management to ensure one gets the most out of one’s fleet. Companies that specialise in fleet management will be able to assist businesses in various industries including, mining, construction, agriculture, commercial and specialised logistics, as well as in the public sector. Each of these industries will require a different kind of process to reach maximum efficiency.


What is the Purpose of Fleet Management?

There are many aspects that fleet management takes into consideration when determining how one can optimise one’s fleet management system. Some of the most important aspects to take into consideration include:

  • Processes: It is important to create a process that keeps track of the distances your fleet is covering, whether these distances are being covered in a time-efficient manner, and the amount of fuel that is being consumed. This data can provide you with a lot of insight into how to improve these metrics and the efficiency of travel and refuelling.
  • Systems: You should have a variety of systems that can accurately track the movement of your vehicles, fuel levels, vehicle condition, and more. These systems will inform you when fuel is being syphoned, whether a vehicle has been involved in an accident or been stolen, how much time drivers are spending at drop-off points, whether they are practising safe driving, and more.
  • Structure: It is vital to understand the structure of your fleet and determine whether your fleet has too many or too few drivers. This will allow you to optimise the time spent on the road and ultimately ensure you are always transporting goods and making money.
  • Vehicles: The condition of one’s vehicle is important as a breakdown can be the cause of a lot of financial loss. If vehicles are monitored correctly one will know exactly when to perform maintenance, and keep one’s fleet running for longer and at optimal condition. This will delay having to constantly purchase new vehicles due to breakdowns.
  • Costs and Performance: If all of these aspects are not streamlined, it could end up costing a lot more to run a fleet. However, if all of these aspects are tended to correctly one will have more revenue available with which to grow your fleet and business.


How Fleet Management is Performed

When you hire a fleet management consulting agency you can expect the process of optimisation to run as follows.

  • Evaluation: A consultant will come in and assess your current fleet management processes and operations. This will provide them with data on where your current processes could improve and what is already working.
  • Improvement Plan: The consultant will then devise a strategy with which one can improve your current system. They will often advise one to implement tracking systems, maintenance systems, fuel management systems, delivery and movement systems and more. They will also give you an outline of the potential cost savings that could occur if this strategy is implemented.
  • Strategy Implementation: Once you have approved the strategy they have developed, they will assist you in implementing this plan in your business so that your fleet may function optimally.


Carrus is a fleet management consultancy that focuses on optimising your processes and saving you money in the long term. They have extensive experience in a variety of industries and will work with you to make your fleet as efficient as possible.


Visit the AgrifoodSA directory to find out more about Carrus’s fleet management services.

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