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All Creatures Great and Small: ANB Vet

When it comes to farming in South Africa no animal is more important than another. People who have farms very seldom have only one kind of animal, which means they need farming suppliers and veterinarians who can care for all their animals. ANB Vet does exactly that.

ANB Vet has been trading agricultural products since 1993 in the form of pharmaceutical treatments for farm, companion and game animals as well as birds. ANB Vet has been registered by the Medical Control Council, the Department of Health as well as the South African Pharmacy Council. With an impressive list of credentials and years of experience, they have played an important role in the success of agriculture in South Africa. Not only do they provide animal pharmaceuticals for any affliction or injury but everything from pesticides and disinfectants to a new cowbell for Bessie.

With an undeniable passion for the wellbeing of all animals, all ANB Vet members receive extensive product training as well as education on how they are used to treat different animals. With a promise of high-quality service and a vast knowledge of the treatment of animals, you can trust them for the care of all your animals.


Agriculture in South Africa calls for the attentive care of livestock seeing as it is one of our most popular productions. The proper care in terms of supplements, medications and animal nutrition are essential. Cattle, sheep, goats and pigs are all tended to by ANB Vet. Simply visit the website to see what is available to solve the particular problem you may have with any of your livestock.


Game farming is one of South Africa’s best-loved industries and keeping our wildlife safe in any situation is a priority for all of us. If an animal is injured or takes ill ANB Vet is stocked with whatever you may need to nurse them back to good health.

Companion Animals

Farms are often home to many companion animals. Whether they work or simply provide companionship their health is just as important as that of the farm animals that provide an income. ANB Vet will provide the necessary care needed to treat injured or sick dogs, cats, rabbits and horses.

For any and all of your animal care needs contact us at ANB Vet and we will provide you with exactly what you need to treat all your creatures, great and small.

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