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Lemaitre Expands Into New Terrains

Driven by passion, dedication, and a commitment to high-quality products, Lemaitre has always been a brand committed to keeping those who build South Africa safe. For 30 years, we have helped build a nation with the toughest workforce.

Lemaitre’s launch of new styles with modern designs and a refreshed look appealing to a wider audience and targeting new sectors.

That's why we are proud to announce the addition of new styles to our range of safety shoes, designed to offer you more support, comfort and performance in the toughest environments.


Raptor range

Our Raptor range is synonymous with torsion control and keeping you sure-footed in environments where uneven terrain is prevalent, such as construction and agriculture. We've expanded our offering in this range with the Osprey Hiker and the Falcon shoe and boot.


The Osprey Hiker has a full grain genuine leather upper for enhanced comfort and durability and is perfect for the agricultural industry. The Falcon shoe and boot also made with a genuine leather upper, with TPU inserts in the arch of the foot with enhanced ladder grip design. Their Dual Density PU sole unit and TPU inserts allow for an aggressive grip and torsion control.


Parabolic range

Our Parabolic range comes with a durable polyurethane midsole and is perfect for workers who need extra support when spending a lot of time on their feet. The Concorde shoe and boot are our latest’s offerings in this range, with an S3 rating, provide comfort and alleviate fatigue for workers who spend long hours on their feet in industries such as manufacturing. They also come standard with an anti-penetration midsole (APT) to prevent sharp objects from penetrating the boot.


Maxeco range

Our iconic Maxeco range, a legacy of South African safety footwear, has built-in arch support and is designed for all-around safety. The redesigned Maximus gives you the all-around safety with the addition of a memory foam insole and reflective strip. It has a lightweight sole unit, wider fit and improved ergonomics. The square cleat design of the shoe improves the slip resistance rating and provides better stability and reduced shock impact. 



The Apollo range with SRC slip-resistance rating offers maximum slip-resistance and is suited for environments where slip potential is a high risk. The two new styles added in this range are the Clog and the Ben. 


While the Clog has been designed to provide superior slip-resistance to those working in kitchens and hospitals, the Ben incorporates the benefits of the Apollo sole as well as no metal or hard plastics on the upper which minimises the risk of scratching metal and other smooth surfaces. It is ideal for industries such as manufacturing and automotive.



New to the Lemaitre range is the Inyati range which offers high heat resistance, cut and abrasion resistance and SRC rated slip resistance and has an injected PU/Rubber sole which provides all-round safety and protection in hazardous working environments. The two new styles to this range are the Dodge and the Urban. 


The Dodge has a stylish leather upper and comes with a TPU support system on the outside counter for reinforced support. 


The Urban boot is S3 rated and boasts a genuine duo-tone leather upper with additional padding on the collar and tongue for enhanced comfort. An anti-penetration insole board comes standard with this style.  


Our range of products offers a variety of features and benefits for all-round protection, comfort and performance. As a proudly South African brand made for workers, by workers, we understand what is needed to carry you safely through tough industries and working environments. With the expansion of our new range and styles, Lemaitre expands into new terrains.


Lemaitre, from one worker to another….


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