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Our Statement “Brooding Starts at The Hatchery” Has One Objective.

To provide ideal environmental conditions for the chicks at the hatchery that will promote good early chick development and appetite enhancement necessary to allow for optimal genetic growth expression on the farm


Key points:

1. Ensure the hatch window is monitored. If chicks are hatching too early, they will become dehydrated leading to an increase in 7 and 14 day mortality and ongoing poor broiler performance.

2. If the chicks hatch too late this will result in poor hatchability and chick quality problems.

3. After hatching it is essential to maintain a chick body temperature of 39.4 – 40.5°C for the first 3-4 days.

4. Hatchery chick holding areas and transport should have an ambient temperature of 22-28°C, a relative humidity of 50% and have an air exchange of 0.71m³ per 1000 chicks. Measuring vent temperature will assist in optimizing required holding conditions.

5. Temperature and relative humidity should be monitored every hour and appropriate adjustment to the environment made in response to chick behavior.

6. Ensure the chick holding area and any transport is clean and disinfected before each hatch and delivery to the farm.

7. Transport vehicles should reflect condition as described in point 4 and vehicle temperatures and humidity levels should be monitored and recorded for every delivery.

8. Feed and water should be available immediately on chick arrival.


Table 1. Environment Requirement of Chicks post hatch



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