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The Importance Of Innovative Crop Protection

Crop protection is one thing, but innovative crop protection is constantly evolving to stay ahead of problems that may arise. With populations growing we cannot afford to lose food in production to pests and pestilence. Dow AgroSciences and the like are working to minimise this.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet, so to speak, that will eradicate the problem with a single solution. Farmers use a variety of tools and agricultural products in an attempt to minimise the adverse effects of pests, disease and weeds on the produce farming suppliers work so hard to deliver to the public.


Pests are a real danger to crops with insects like locusts plaguing entire locations and causing famine. There are more than 10,000 species of plant-eating insects and 3,000 species of roundworms that destroy crops all around the world, leaving food in such a state that it is inedible.

A well-placed pesticide that has been accepted among agricultural products to eliminate the pest problem while minimising its effect on the environment is all it takes. A well-placed pesticide at the right time in the crop cycle is enough to deter thousands of these pests and keep farming suppliers in business.


The most common diseases that attack agricultural produce can be stopped with agricultural products are caused by fungi. There are over 50,000 disease-causing fungi that often infest entire crops which poison and kill crop cells, leaving them useless. A simple fungicide is all it takes to eradicate these fungi if you know their cycle and season and which produce they like to grow on. Knowledge is power when it comes to innovative crop protection.


Weeds steal the water, sunlight and nutrients required by the produce and leave them for dead as they absorb all the things the agricultural produce requires to thrive. Over 30,000 species of weeds compete for these resources but, thankfully, farm suppliers have herbicides to protect the plants they want to thrive against the invading weeds.

Why We Need Innovative Crop Protection

According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, farmers lose between 30% and 40% of their crops to pests and diseases globally. That means that more than a third of the food produced around the world never even makes it to market and is not feeding the hungry. With the number of hungry mouths to feed only growing every day the need for innovative crop protection has never been direr.

Visit Dow AgroSciences to learn more about innovative crop protection for farming in South Africa or visit our directory for access to more agricultural products from reliable farming suppliers.

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