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Caring for Laboratory Supplies

There are ways to care for your lab equipment supplies, to ensure that they stay safe and in working order for longer. Items that are used regularly should be inspected frequently, and should be replaced with newer, better equipment when necessary to ensure efficient and effective results. Here are a few ways to ensure that your lab equipment supplies are being used and maintained optimally:


To maintain your laboratory supplies sufficiently, you’ll need to keep everything clean.

  • Wipe down equipment daily to keep it from gathering dust and, subsequently, getting ruined
  • Deep clean once a week to ensure accurate results and testing capabilities
  • Keep the environment and storage around the lab supplies clean too, to avoid contamination


As with any equipment, lab supplies need to be serviced regularly to prolong their lifespans. Servicing reduces down time and ensures the productivity of the project. It’s important to ensure that your equipment is being serviced by professionals; otherwise they could potentially cause harm to it. When supplies become old / worn, they often need extra attention. Sometimes it is worth it to replace parts, but oftentimes it works out more budget-friendly to purchase a brand-new piece of equipment. Servicing could even be as simple as adding oil to lubricate parts better to guarantee that the supplies last longer.

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