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State-Of-The-Art Warehousing and Distribution Facilities

LTG Logistics Transport Globally (Pty) Ltd., international freight management and supply chain company has warehouses and distribution centres in Rosslyn and Pomona. 


The Rosslyn facility offers clients a floor space of 6000m² and storage capacity of about 9 000m³. It is run on a highly efficient information technology platform integrating sophisticated warehouse management systems. The warehouse was built to cater for the changing environment within the automotive, manufacturing and engineering industry.


The Pomona facility offers clients limited space but larger volumes can be accommodated on request. The warehouse is situated close to the OR Tambo International Airport which offers easy access to surrounding areas and depots.


The emphasis within the industry has moved to global purchasing, resulting in a higher demand on the supply chain elements such as warehousing and distribution.  Our warehouses are there to serve these needs and are ideally located in the industrial hearts of Rosslyn and the East Rand near major manufacturers and service providers.


In addition, LTG’s in-house logistics experts offer a comprehensive supply chain service to assist you in making the best business decisions. We have partnerships with key service providers to negotiate the best rates and to manage any import and export logistical requirements.


LTG – for your warehousing, distribution, receiving, dispatching, inventory management, picking, packing, ticketing, crating and loading requirements.


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