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Agrconic & Agri - Machines

Magnificent BALER TECHNOLOGY, developed & produced in Finland & the Netherlands, brought to South Africa as sole agent, by SAXENI AGRIC.

Various bales can be produced with the AGRONIC machines, pressing different products: grass, hay, straw, corn, TMR, alfalfa, pulp, wood chips and much more – a versatile range to meet your requirements!


The key to successful silage is the elimination of oxygen and Agronic machines do this extremely well. 


Feed packed in bales with AGRONIC MultiBalers have been scientifically proven to generate a higher yield in milk and meat production when compared to feed from silos and it maintains its high palatability and doesn’t degrade much due to exposure. Of all silage storage methods available, the wrapped bales from Agronic machines have the highest measured compaction.

Another benefit of baled and wrapped silage is the suitability towards packaged trade and transport.


As the authorised sole-dealer, Saxeni Agric is excited to introduce AGRONIC MultiBaler and Agri-machines!


Some of our products are:

  • MR 820 MultiBaler
  • 1220 MultiBaler
  • MidiFix
  • MidiVario ii
  • Baler Film / Net & Stretch Film
  • Lincoln Lubrication System


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Magnificent BALER TECHNOLOGY | developed & produced in Finland & the Netherlands | brought to South Africa as sole agent | by SAXENI AGRIC.