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Drotsky Manufacturing Hammer Mills and Feed Mixers Since 1962

Drotsky: Manufacturing Hammer Mills and Feed Mixers Since 1962

Drotsky has been manufacturing hammer mills and feed mixers since 1962. Over a period of more than 50 years we have built a solid reputation based on professionalism, sound business principles and unsurpassed experience and expertise. Our dedication to providing customers with effective, efficient and profitable solutions is still strong and ongoing with no signs of stopping.

As a South African company our machines and equipment are built with African conditions in mind. Drotsky machines have been designed and manufactured to work, and last, with careful consideration for the importance of hammer mills and feed mixers in agriculture and its effects on African economies.

The efficacy and reliability of our machines has helped us to build up an esteemed client base from all over Africa. Our machines are being used by a variety of clients ranging from farmers to traditional healers. This acts as evidence of how we take into account all the challenges and needs of our customers in designing our products to function and thrive here.

Founded by Mr Gert Drotsky in 1962 and continued by Mr Tewis van der Ryst, Drotsky has gone from strength to strength to become a household name for hammer mills, feed mixers and pelletisers.

The first hammer mill was built in Mr Drotsky’s garage and a legacy was born. Over the years the industry has changed and we have stayed abreast of these changes. Our machines are used by farmers in rural areas to produce maize flour and by traditional healers to make spices and medicines. On a larger scale our machines are used by commercial farmers along with the agricultural, pharmaceutical and foam industries.


Our Services:



We provide plant and machine design services. So, whether you need an idea realized, need some general enigneering done or need to mechanize your operation. Drotsky can help.

We use simple yet effective technology that demands little maintenance and is cost effective. It is for this reason that we moved away from the conventional 180° sieve to the 360° sieve. The advantage of this unconventionally designed hammer mill is that the milled product comes out of the machine at a far higher rate than the old conventional designs, making operations more efficient.

We are proud to have an abundance of technically skilled staff, such as CNC machine operators, and we are pleased that since 1985 all of our highly skilled welders are female. We adhere to industry standards and regulations, and the health and safety of our workers is of the utmost importance to us.


Service and Machine Refurbishment

We offer a refurbishment service on all our equipment, in-house testing stations and equipment and concise after sales service as well as training for all our products.

We also do off-site visits and demonstrations if circumstances call for it. Our team is equipped to modify old generation hammer mills into new generation mills. The S and M range modification/refurbishment takes one day, while the M100 modification takes five days. Servicing of hammer mills is done in only one day at the factory.


Spare Parts

We stock spare parts for all products we offer. We distribute spare parts to co-operatives, through local agents and overseas through export agents.


Training and Support

We provide a full technical back-up service. Where necessary, foreign agents are trained at the factory and local agents are assisted to give the necessary back-up in terms of spares and product knowledge. We also do off-site visits and demonstrations if circumstances call for it

All our staff members are highly skilled and capable, and we keep track of the latest technology and developments in our industry so we can pass this knowledge on to our clients.




Hammer Mills

In machinery manufacturing and milling industries there is a saying that if you have a hammer mill, you have a business.

Drotsky says: “If you have a Drotsky hammer mill, you are guaranteed a successful business.”

Milling is the process of breaking up or crushing material into smaller pieces to make it more palatable for human and animal consumption. Through the years Drotsky has sold more than 60 000 hammer mills in Southern Africa, and the advantage of this unconventionally designed hammer mill is that the milled product comes out of the machine at a far higher rate than with the old designs for optimal efficiency.


Animal Feed Mixers

Feed mixers are used for the mixing of feed ingredients and premixes in order to create an even distribution of the requisite ingredients and nutrients. The end result of this should be a feed mixture which is blended in a ratio that will provide animals with balanced nutritional input.

Effective mixing plays a major role in the feed production process to ensure the proper distribution of ingredients and nutrients by preventing uneven mixing. The reason for this is that uneven mixing results in unbalanced nutritional values and substandard feed production.

Drotsky’s mixer range consists of both vertical and horizontal mixers, and all of our feed mixers provide an outstanding mixing process.


Orbital Screw Vertical Mixers

Orbital screw vertical mixers consist of one or more vertical screws that take material to the top of the mixer where it falls back to the bottom to be mixed up to the top again, and so on. These mixers have shown great results on small farms and in small feed mills


Horizontal Mixers

Horizontal mixers consist of a series of paddles or metal ribbon blades attached to a horizontal rotor within a semi-circular trough. Unlike vertical mixtures, here the material is moved from one side to the other by the paddles and blades, tumbling and discharging the mixed product from the bottom. These mixers are affordable and have proven to offer efficiency with short mixing times.


Pelleting and Extruding

Drotsky Engineering Manufactures complete Pelleting plant solutions which encompasses all related operations from grinding, dust suppression, storage, pelleting, cooling, screening and bagging and automation.


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