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Lemaitre Safety Footwear

 As a BBF Safety Group product, Lemaitre Safety Footwear is driven by passion, dedication, pride and a commitment to high-quality products that keep those who build South Africa safe. For over 30 years, Lemaitre has continued to cater for all industries. Our hand-made safety shoes help the tough South African workforce to continue building a stronger nation step by step.


Made by workers for workers, the Lemaitre Raptor range is made with the worker in mind. The Raptor range is fitted with torsion control, making it the perfect fit for environments such as construction and agricultural land where a step on uneven terrain is a certainty. If doing it yourself requires a worker to be on the ground or traverse scaffolding and ladders, the TPU inserts and SRA rated slip resistance in the range’s footwear ensures additional support and control to keep you sure-footed in any situation. The additional Ultra-Fresh technology in some of the Raptor range products guarantees added anti-bacterial properties that keeps the feet fresher and manageable over a lengthy period of constant wear and tear. Making the range ideal for workers seeking solid and odour free footwear.


The range includes the Eagle, Hawk, Falcon shoe and two fresh-out-the-box additions with the Osprey Hiker and the Falcon boot. The Eagle is designed with an aggressive TPU grip in the arch area of the sole for extra support and further incorporates an anti-toe and heel scuff for increased durability. The go-to partner shoe for the Eagle is the Hawk which features punch detail for breathability and comfortability.


The latest addition, the Osprey Hiker, is the only safety footwear in the Raptor range with Footology Elastopan Climate Control Insole. The insole enables fast and complete absorption of humidity inside the shoe, meaning the Osprey Hiker has 300% higher absorption than a standard PU insole. Allowing wears to feel comfortable in varying and uneven terrains.


With a special focus on the stable Falcon boot and shoe, the durable Falcon boot is the same trusted Falcon made in a boot form for those seeking extra grip. However, not to be stepped by the brand-new Lemaitre Raptor Range Falcon Boot, the improved Falcon shoe has updated its features with a padded collar and padded bellows tongue for increased comfort.


Both the Falcon shoe and boot are made with genuine leather uppers with additional padding on the collar for consistent comfort and unwavering reliability in any environment or weather. The padded bellows tongue prevents particles and water from entering the boot and keeps your feet protected and dry at all times. The Raptor sole unit features cleats that are good for traction, with TPU inserts designed for a secure grip to keep the wearer balanced and protected on ladders and scaffoldings. Both boots and shoes have dual-density PU sole units crafted for stability, comfort and ankle support. And with an additional lacing system that makes lacing easy, the only remaining uncertainty will be if you prefer to wear a boot or a shoe.


So, whether it's the Falcon or any of the other footwear from the Raptor range, Lemaitre’s mission is to keep hard-working feet safe and secure in torsion-controlled safety footwear. Ensuring that when it comes to safety, our footwear is not only reinforced with durable material that keeps you safe but is also reinforced with pride, attention to detail and a hands-on approach for South African wearers. As a proudly South African brand made from one worker to another, we understand what is needed to carry you safely in all work environments. Ensuring a worker is safe and protected in a pair of Lemaitre Safety Footwear.


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