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Wayne Safety

Discover comfort, durability & reliable protection with Wayne’s superior quality gumboots

Wayne Safety has been Africa’s gumboot specialist for over 80 years. Since 1940, no other manufacturer has supplied more industrial and safety gumboots into the African market.

Wayne Safety started manufacturing gumboots an incredible 80 years ago, with Wayne Rubber producing rubber gumboots in KZN. This began a long tradition of manufacturing superior quality gumboots and serving workers right at the heart of industry. Today, Wayne is one of the foremost PVC and PU gumboot manufacturers in Africa.


The Wayne range of PU gumboots offers a variety of enhanced features and benefits, catering to sectors from food processing and hygiene to light and heavy duty agriculture. While PVC gumboots are reliable and economical, polyurethane (PU) gumboots are rapidly growing in popularity – and for good reason.

One of the key advantages of PU gumboots is that they can last up to 3 times longer than PVC boots, giving you a longer lifespan and greater value for money with no compromise on protection and resistance. To fully understand the benefits of PU gumboots, let’s look at the Wayne Pure Max PU boot as an example.


Vertically-injected air bubbles in the Pure Max give the boot a lightweight, comfortable feel, while maximising resistance. An inherent cross-link structure delivers enhanced flexibility and strength, and gives the boot excellent insulation properties against both heat and cold. A multi-stage curation process results in a protective ‘outer skin’, which increases resistance and durability, while ultra-sonically welded controlling particles impart greater resistance to abrasions – further extending the life of your boot.


Adding to these structural benefits, Wayne’s Pure Max gumboot has a range of added benefits. A unique tread-groove and depth gives our PU boots the highest possible SRC slip resistance rating. Optimum hygiene is ensured through the boot’s moisture wicking functionality, and anti-microbial and anti-fungal treatment; and a lightweight composition paired with a unique footbed results in all-day comfort. Last but not least, anti-static properties give the wearer peace of mind.


But at Wayne, we know it’s not enough to tell you that our boots can deliver a longer lifespan of comfort, resistance and durability – we have to prove it. That’s why the Pure Max is flex tested to over 900 000 flexes, far beyond the industry standard of 30 000 flexes, showing no significant deterioration – that equates to over 900 000 steps, or over 700 kms!


Trust in Wayne, Africa’s gumboot specialist for 80 years and counting, and get your Pure Max PU gumboots today.

Find out more about Wayne’s range of superior gumboots at


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