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Responsible Animal Management: The Fundamentals of Agricultural Practice

Responsible animal management is imperative to agriculture in South Africa. Animals need to be treated with dignity and respect and be well cared for no matter what they are being raised for. That is why there are systems in place to assist farmers in keeping their animals happy and healthy.

Is The South African Agricultural Sector Raising Farm Animals Properly?

Proper animal management needs to see animals that have access to all their basic needs and want for nothing. At its core this would mean ensuring the animal has plenty of water to drink and has constant access to it, and is well fed so that it receives all the necessary nutrients. The animals need room to explore without fear of theft or being attacked by predators. It is also important that animals remain within their perimeters so they are not a hazard to the public or on roads.

There are certain laws in place within agriculture in South Africa to protect kept animals, and if you fail to comply with these laws your animals will be seized and your farm potentially shut down. The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in South Africa has strict regulations when it comes to marking, keeping and managing farm animals to ensure agricultural animals are well cared for. Farming suppliers have developed a number of agricultural products to ensure these high-standards are always maintained and upheld.

How Gallagher™ Provides A Means Of Caring For Agricultural Animals

As is true of many agricultural practices animal management is made much more user friendly with the use of technology. The innovations from Gallagher™ make keeping track of, managing and caring for your agricultural animals so easy that there is no excuse for being non-complaint with the laws concerning agriculture in South Africa.

Electric Fence Systems

The animal management systems from Gallagher™ are a culmination of 75 years of experience and expertise in the industry. Their electric fence systems are geared to keep animals in and intruders out without harming the livestock.

Weighting and EID Systems

Gallagher™ has electronic identification (EID) systems in place which are more humane and more effective when it comes to marking and tracking agricultural animals. Data collection can be done electronically without disturbing the animals as much as when doing so manually.

They even provide weighing systems that are easier for both the farmer and the animals. Not only that, Gallagher™ will come to install all these products and provide training on how to use them to their capabilities.

For more information on what farming suppliers have to offer when it comes to agricultural products visit our Agricultural Directory. Read our latest news or contact us for more information.

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