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Why You Should Have Both a Hammer Mill and a Feed Mixer

There are some machines that, although perfect on their own, work so much better hand in hand with others. Examples of these are both hammer mills and feed mixers. Both work well to streamline the grain and feed process for agricultural purposes.

What is a Hammer Mill?

A hammer mill grinder is used to crush or shred bulk materials (like grain, specifically in this instance) into smaller pieces. Models used for agricultural purposes use a striking force that shatter whatever is fed into the machine. A screen separates the remainder of the crushed product and acts as filter to only allow particles of a specific size through the holes, sieving out only what is necessary.

What is a Feed Mixer?

A feed mixer does what it sounds like; it mixes two or more materials together to ensure a quality finished feed with the right chemical balance and consistency. It can produce feed powder to later be mixed with water, or it can churn out ready-made feeding pellets. There are plenty of different types, each used to produce a specific result. The type of machine required depends on the requirement.

How Do Feed Mixers and Hammer Mills Work Together?

The one helps to take a raw product and turn it into a usable consistency, and the other perfects it and produces the finished result. They really do work as a team to ensure that the feed is processed perfectly.

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