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International Leader in Industrial Vibration Technology

International Leader in Industrial Vibration Technology

Providing clients around the world with industrial vibrators, electric vibrators, concrete consolidation, frequency converters and a vast range of products designed to adapt to multiple applications in the widest range of industrial sectors.

The company combines the quality of Italian know-how with a global strategy, allowing it to become one of the main sector players in the international field thanks to the contribution of an international network of business subsidiaries spanning all five continents.


Industrial Vibrators

Electric Vibrating Motors for industrial use.

OLI Electric Vibrating Motors can generate a centrifugal force up to 26,000 kg and are available in multiple voltages. For this reason, the range of OLI industrial vibrators can be used in numerous sectors of application – from construction to the mining industry, from the foodstuff industry to recycling – in every country around the world.

OLI electric vibrating motors were designed and assembled availing of the most recent technologies and using top quality materials and components. The motor casings, the support flanges and the shafts were designed according to FMEA criteria and are assembled using top quality aluminium alloys, cast iron and steel alloys, to allow the vibrator to deal with high intensity applications and guarantee safe operations in every condition.

The windings are impregnated with Class F insulating materials to improve reliability and duration over time. Premium quality supports and an efficient grease recovery system ensure long-lasting performance and contained noise generation. Adjustable eccentric masses allow easy calibration of the maximum centrifugal force generated by the motor.

OLI boasts numerous certifications that confirm the usability of its range of products in difficult environments, therefore it can meet the most challenging use requirements at international level.


Flow Aids

OLI offers Flow Aids for increased process efficiency and improved plant safety. The product range is divided into Aerator Pads and Nozzles, Vibrating Aerators, Air Cannons, Combined Hammer Blasters, Pneumatic Vibrators.

Over 50 years’ experience in researching materials management solutions makes OLI the ideal partner for all sector companies. A team of specialists is available to design and implement the most suitable solutions for each type of application and material on the market.

OLI analyses the overall problems, starting with the type of powder to manage, up to environmental conditions and process type. However, the client’s needs are always the centre of attention.

OLI’s global sales network assists clients at local level in over 50 countries ensuring deliveries of products are available directly from subsidiary warehouses.


Why use flow aids?

Due to their specific characteristics, many powder-based materials, when stored in silos, wagons, pipelines, tubing, tanks and other containers, tend to stick to the surface.

Every small change in outlet, a rough surface, bends, particularly narrow angles and physical properties of the materials can slow down product flow, thereby generating waste.

Flow aids are designed to solve problems caused by design errors or by the specific characteristics of the materials in powder or granules, thereby increasing process efficiency and improving system safety.

Olivibra Calculator: an online calculator for flow aids

To provide complete customer service, OLI has created an application with a step-by-step guide for product selection suitable for every project. What are the benefits of using our application?

  • It is available online wherever the client might be
  • It is updated in real time
  • It is available in multiple languages

Concrete Consolidation

OLI supplies High Frequency Concrete Pokers and Converters in a variety of models and options for compaction of fresh concrete on building sites.

Fresh concrete does not compact by itself because the poor fluidity cannot surpass internal friction. Only vibration can overcome this force.

In fact, vibration promotes:

  • Surfacing of air bubbles captured in the concrete;
  • Displacement of aggregates resulting in a reduced cavity and giving high density and perfectly even material;
  • Adhesion of the concrete to the reinforcement armature bars or any inner structural inserts.

Benefits of using vibrators on concrete:

  • high mechanical strength
  • low level porosity and therefore permeability to water and aggressive agents contained therein
  • no cracks inside the cement and near the reinforcement armature bars
  • completely filled formwork
  • longer life cycle of the concrete
  • high aesthetic results

Concrete consolidation: the types

Immersion vibrators (or Vibrating Poker for concrete)

In construction, for example, of flooring for industrial use, walls, pillars and slabs, flexible and easy to use vibrating devices must be used. In such cases, the immersion vibrator, also called the vibrating poker or needle, is chosen because it was designed for use in contact with cement; therefore, such use is also defined direct internal vibration.

External Vibrating Motors

High frequency electric vibration motors are used on building sites and in the production of prefabricated buildings to obtain high quality manufactured parts with exposed cement, with excellent results from the point of view of aesthetic appearance and resistance against atmospheric agents. Vibration is transmitted indirectly to the cement through formworks or moulds.


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