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Transport solutions: agricultural machinery

Unique Transport Solutions For The Agricultural Sector

The agricultural sector is reliant on agricultural machinery at its most basic level to ensure that all produce can be moved from farm to market. Farming suppliers in Africa are in search of greater fuel, transport and logistics sectors to streamline these agricultural processes.

Agricultural Machinery On The Farm

Tractors and other agricultural machinery are used in all agriculture in South Africa to streamline the processes involved in farming. This means that having access to solutions for fuel, transport and logistics sectors is imperative to a well-run farm.

The Role Of Road Infrastructures For Agriculture In South Africa

Every element of transport has a role to play in making sure all produce reaches the public. This includes the infrastructure of the roads transport vehicles are expected to use. If the roads are damaged, dangerous or otherwise deteriorated, the issue needs to be addressed to ensure farming suppliers can make their way safely to where they need to be without causing long-term damage to their vehicles.

Investing in these infrastructures is a means of sustaining all the vehicles which need to use them. This keeps businesses running smoothly and when it comes to agriculture in South Africa it keeps the nation fed.

Compliance with the Liquid Fuels and Transport Sector codes are imperative to sustainable, best practices within the agricultural sector.

Liquid Fuels and Transport Sector Codes

By complying with the Liquid Fuels and Transportation Sector codes those delivering transportation services in the biggest industry in South Africa (agriculture) play a pivotal role in the economic empowerment of the country. If you are working in agriculture in South Africa and make use of a company that provides quality transport you are actively participating in South Africa’s economic empowerment efforts. Companies like Auto Commodities Holdings (PTY) LTD that make opportunities available to previously disadvantaged individuals with training, wellbeing and welfare as well as Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Having a one-stop-shop that provides transport, the logistics thereof and warehousing allows you to cover all your transportation needs for your Agribusiness through a single service provider. Auto Commodities Holdings also has a fuel division which involves:

  • Trading
  • Import
  • Local Sourcing
  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • Wholesale of fuel through a distribution network of inland storage facilities

Farming suppliers that participate in these initiatives, or make use of the services from companies who do, make you a part of building South Africa up from its strongest economic basis, which is rooted in agriculture in South Africa. Visit our agricultural directory to peruse the farming suppliers near you or contact us for more information.


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