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Joined Specialised Farming

Joined Specialised Farming Is a Company That Supports Growers

Joined Specialised Farming is a company that supports growers improve yields and better their crops by using biological principals and modern technology. With a world that is becoming less fond of chemicals and looking at more biological ways to look after and build your soils, JSF has the perfect solution to improve soils, productivity, quality and quantity of your cash crops, all while moving towards more sustainable farming.


JSF believes that everything starts with your soil and it’s your first priority on a long list of exercises to practice whilst farming. Once your soil is sustainable, the rest seems to become a lot easier and more cost efficient.

We work side by side with our growers until results are found.

JSF has the best knowledge available in all sectors of our company to produce excellent results for YOU!


JSF are the importers and distributors of UNIA and FARMAX implements as well as JOORDENS seeds (cover crops) a company that supports growers improve yield and better their crops by biological principles. We also sell 2nd hand implements and tractors.


JSF is a company that supports growers improve yield and better their crops by biological principles. we also import new and 2nd hand implements from Europe.


The JSF Approach to Nematode Control

One of the most satisfactory methods of managing the risks of nematode related damage is to rely on those specific crop rotations which have been proven to seriously reduce or even totally eliminate the parasitic population in the field. It is an environmentally acceptable method of defence, based on ‘prevention’ rather than ‘cure’

Bladrammenas Help Manage the Risk of Crop Damage from Most Common Nematodes


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