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A Backpack Sprayer: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you want to spray your garden with fertiliser, or you have a farm that needs constant care in the form of herbicides and insecticides, it is important to have the correct equipment to effectively spray the required area.

In this article, we will discuss what a backpack sprayer is and what one should look for in a backpack sprayer.


What is a Backpack Sprayer?

A backpack sprayer is a variation of spraying equipment that is mounted onto one’s back. It typically consists of a tank, pump, wand, nozzle, and straps. The tank houses the spraying liquid. The straps are connected to the tank and are what makes it possible to mount the tank onto one’s back. The pump is what pushes the liquid from the tank through the wand to the nozzle, while the wand allows one to direct the nozzle for accurate spraying. Ultimately a backpack sprayer is easier to use than a handheld sprayer and is easily portable while walking around.

What is a Backpack Sprayer Used for?

Backpack sprayers are used to apply liquid onto crops. Typically the liquid that is applied consists of fertilisers, insecticides, herbicides, or other chemicals used within the agricultural industry. They can be used for commercial or residential purposes.

They are also often used for pest control both indoors and outdoors. Examples include ants, termites, and other unwanted insects.


Choosing a Backpack Sprayer in South Africa

When choosing a backpack sprayer, one must take a multitude of factors into account. Depending on one’s intended use for the backpack sprayer, different variations will be suitable for different applications. Some of the factors to take into account include, but are not limited to:

  • Flow Rate: The pump is what regulates the flow rate, which is essentially the volume of fluid that is being passed through the wand and ultimately the nozzle. Some backpack sprayers will have a variety of flow rates to choose from while others will have a singular setting.
  • Pressure: It is extremely important to choose a backpack sprayer that can generate enough pressure. The pressure determines how consistent and even the spray pattern is. If the spray pattern is uneven, the liquid will not cover the entire area and result in a lower level of efficiency. Therefore, if one is spraying a crop it will not spread fertiliser equally and will perhaps not target all the insects one is trying to treat.
  • Pump: The pump that powers the sprayer and determines the flow rate can be either hand-powered or electric. Hand-powered backpack sprayers are typically cheaper; however, it isn't as easy to use as an electric pump. It is also more time-effective to use the electric version; thus, depending on your price range and whether you are utilising the sprayer for personal or commercial use, you will decide between the two.
  • Comfort: As spraying does typically take a while to complete, it is important to ensure that the backpack sprayer you decide upon is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. For example, spraying one’s entire garden with fertiliser will take a few hours, or if you work in a pest control company you will be constantly wearing the sprayer throughout the day.
  • Size: Taking the size of the tank into account is important. Depending on the size of the area to be sprayed one will choose the appropriate tank size. If one is spraying a large area it is easier to mix up one batch of chemicals, rather than have to do so two or three times.


Where to Find a Backpack Sprayer for Sale

Magnojet is a South African company that specialises in sprayer products aimed at the agricultural industry. They have a wide selection of sprayer nozzles for a wide variety of spraying equipment and offer a backpack sprayer. Their products are manufactured in Brazil, making use of the highest-quality materials that ensure the longevity and durability of their products.


To find out more about Magnoject, visit the AgrifoodSA directory and ensure you purchase spraying equipment that will last you for many years to come.

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