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Magnojet is a South African based company directly supplied from the Brazilian Magnojet factory.

We provide sprayer products of exceptional quality to the African market, taking into account the high expectations of African farmers and the African landscape.


Our main product is our Nozzle selection, which includes, but not limited to: Flat Fan, Hollow Cone and Air Induction, all of which can be used in a wide variety of applications and conditions for field crops and orchards.


The high-grade materials used in the production of our nozzles are ceramic and polyacetal which provides exceptional wear resistance for any chemical used.

The nozzles are engineered especially for effective pest control, resulting in the proper mixing, and thus applying the perfect droplet sizes for maximum efficiency.

We also carry a wide range of other sprayer products including, but not limited to: knapsacks, pipes, fittings, and numerous other accessories for an extensive range of machines.


For more information on all our products visit us here…


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