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Selling Protection, Selling Peace Of Mind To Farmers In South Africa

The challenge for agricultural insurance companies in South Africa is to offer their clients a product that provides much-needed protection for their valuable assets with client-centric risk management solutions. Using a tailored insurance package, insurance companies can now not only sell comprehensive coverage, but also grant the ultimate peace of mind to farmers across South Africa.

Custom agricultural insurance products developed by Santam Agriculture have a strong commercial foundation with the addition of comprehensive extensions to cover agricultural-specific assets and requirements.

Comprehensive Cover

Custom agricultural insurance provides farmers with comprehensive coverage to ensure protection against large losses. Farmers’ agricultural and personal assets are included in the design of the coverage, such as:

  • Personal buildings
  • Farm buildings
  • Farming vehicles
  • Plants and implements

The protection of all these assets is therefore maximised for the benefit of farmers. Insurance companies are now able to offer farmers a well-rounded, industry-specific insurance product formulated by specialist risk managers.

Specialist Solutions

A comprehensive insurance product should be coupled with specialised insurance risk management services. Experienced insurance risk managers evaluate the various distinctive risks associated with each industry to provide a two-fold benefit for both the insurance provider and the client. There is no doubt that due to various factors, farmers have risks that are prominent in their industry; risk management should therefore be made priority.

Looking for an Agricultural Insurance Company?

Agricultural insurance specialists offers a customised insurance solution for farmers in South Africa. These insurance products have been developed for farmers so that their assets and future are protected with the right cover. Browse through our agricultural directory to find service providers who offer similar values for the agricultural community in South Africa.

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