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Let Your Work Boots Do The Work For You


Working all day can be strenuous but working all day in the wrong foot wear can be dangerous. By investing in a pair of quality work boots you preserve not only your ability to perform but your safety too.

The Dangers of Improper Footwear for Work

In working environments that require boots, there is usually a good reason for the requirement: boots are intended to protect you. Falling objects can permanently damage your feet or even necessitate amputation. Heavy objects can break, cut or puncture improper footwear which could end up maiming the individual.

Improper footwear without proper grip and support can lead to slips and falls which may prove deadly. Don’t let your work environment get the best of you. Invest in work boots to keep you safe while you are busy.

The Advantages of Quality Work Boots

The benefits of choosing the correct work boots are far-reaching. Footwear that supports your feet, legs and back affects your daily work and your future health. Superior cushioning and support will fight off fatigue in the muscles. This discomfort is usually what sets in quickly when working in improper footwear. Comfort is important because the right footwear will feel comfortable. The moment your feet, legs or back feel extensive strain it is time to invest in quality work boots.

Good quality work boots will protect you from burns, cuts, electrical hazards and the elements. If you work in hazardous conditions this is essential to your well-being and should be considered an integral part of your work uniform.

How to Choose the Right Work Boots for you

Natural game skins leather that is handmade from ostrich, kudu, cape buffalo, impala and hippopotamus shapes better to your foot than bovine leather does. The Courteney Boot Company makes these materials available so that whatever boot you choose it will fit you perfectly. Choose boots that take on the form of your foot and that truly work for you.

Product Care

Different game skin leather requires different levels of care. Buffalo, kudu and elephant leather boots only require a light clean with a damp cloth and the occasional polish.

Never tumble dry boots or place them near a fire because the leather burns relatively easily especially when wet – so allow them to dry naturally (not in the sun). Only use products that are described as “polish for leather footwear” otherwise you run the risk of rotting the stitching on the handcrafted footwear. The same applies for hippopotamus leather if you want to give it a suede finish.

Suede must be washed with maize meal and using a scrubbing brush. Dampen the shoe lightly and leave it to dry.

Ostrich leather is comfortable, durable and can be dyed a number of colours. Boots do need to be cleaned regularly and this can be done by buffing them with a soft brush. Should they get wet, allow them to dry naturally out of the sun. Oil stains can be lifted with talcum powder and a dry cloth. Alternatively, you can trust The Courteney Boot Company’s cleaning kit for all your game skin leather needs.

Whichever leather you choose, The Courteney Boot Company will ensure your work boots do the work for you.

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