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How Forklifts Are Used In South African Agriculture

Forklifts have multiple applications in the agricultural sector and have proven to be useful in every corner of the farm. Whether you have your eye on a new or used forklift in South Africa, it will be an addition to your agricultural processes you will wonder how you ever lived without.

The Many Uses for Forklifts on South African Farms:

There are those running large scale operations on their farms with the use of forklifts. This may have led to smaller scale farm owners believing they won’t necessarily get what they need out of it. On the contrary, despite the size of your operation, forklifts are a must for South African farmers across the country, especially when provided by a trusted name like FEELER Africa.

The Forklift: Strength of Four Men

A forklift is able to pick up just about anything. It can not only lift heavy objects, it can move them to exactly where you need them to go. This is a necessity on the farm as there are always heavy piles and items that need to be moved. For example, bales of hay (or other feed) need to be brought in from outside and to the animals as feed.

A large job that would usually require four or more men, a single person can achieve with a forklift, thanks to their heavy carrying capacity, mobility and fluid design.

Forklifts for All Over

People have taken to using forklifts inside and out; from using them as a boost to pick grapes in vineyards, to placing large heavy crates on them to be moved conveniently easily. Their versatility is what makes forklifts so popular in South African agriculture.

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