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Afriforum, Saai and Thabake Business Enterprise Joint Vegetable Project Produces First Crop

The joint agricultural vegetable project undertaken by AfriForum, Saai and Thabake Business Enterprise completed its first harvest this week. Cauliflower and broccoli were delivered to the market whilst cabbage will be harvested at a later stage.


Lebo Mosime of Thabake approached AfriForum during 2022 after she decided to expand the small-scale vegetable production she had in her backyard of approximately 2 000 m2. She delivered high quality products to market, but the scale was too small to be economically viable. AfriForum and Saai supported Thabake to put 0.75 ha of the 21 ha plot in the area of Phokeng – which Thabake leases from Royal Bafokeng Enterprise – under solar driven drip irrigation.

“I have knowledge of vegetable farming, but I want to learn and grow – I also want to transfer knowledge to people that wants to farm and grow the economy by creating employment opportunities. My vision is to become a full-fledged commercial farmer that produces quality products that will be sought after. I want to build and grow Thabake Business Enterprise so that it can be inherited by my children and the generations after them – I want to build a lasting legacy. I thank God for this partnership,” says Mosime, Founder and CEO of Thabake Business Enterprise.

“We support Thabake to improve their existing ability relating to planning and management of the farming enterprise. We collaborate with local stakeholders with the required technical knowledge with regards to choice of variety, fertilizing, pest and weed control and to improve soil quality. Lebo understands farming, it is a privilege to support her to develop her farming enterprise to be an economically viable agricultural business,” says Leon Lourens, Development Coordinator at Saai.

“Self-sufficient communities, food security and good relations and cooperation between cultural communities is crucial to ensure peaceful coexistence here at the southern tip of Africa. It is a privilege to be part of a partnership where hard work is put in with commitment to make an impact on grassroots level,” says Nantes Kelder, National Project Coordinator of Intercultural Relations and Cooperation at AfriForum.

Rotation of crops is applied, and the plan is to plant green beans, green peppers, chillies, baby marrow and butternut during the next planting cycle.



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Joint Vegetable Project Produces First Crop