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Roof Trusses: Everything You Need to Know

Roof Trusses: Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered how a roof is so stable and somehow does not collapse under the extreme weight that it bears? The answer to this is roof trusses. First developed in the Bronze Age (about 2500 BC), they have been refined and are now an essential part of the construction industry. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about roof trusses and their role in construction.


What is a Roof Truss?

When constructing a building, structural security is key. In today’s modern construction industry, one of the most important elements of ensuring the structural integrity of a building and its roof is roof trusses. These roof trusses typically consist of timber beams that have been shaped and connected to create triangular structures. They are then connected to the walls of a building to create a base on which the roof can be constructed. Ultimately, they allow for even weight distribution of the roof across the structure which ensures that it remains solid and does not sag or collapse over time or due to extreme environmental conditions.


Roof trusses come in a variety of different styles in order to accommodate different building types and purposes. Some of the most popular and frequently used truss styles include:

  • King Post Truss
  • Queen Post Truss
  • Howe Truss


Benefits of Roof Trusses

There are multiple benefits that roof trusses offer that have resulted in them becoming an essential part of the construction industry. Some of their most notable benefits consist of:

  • Strength and Durability: Other than the use of strong and durable wood, what makes roof trusses so incredibly long-lasting is their design. The fact that they have been designed to distribute weight evenly, is what allows them to strengthen a structure and bear such a heavy weight for extended periods of time (years and years). This is why roof trusses are seen in small and large structures. From residential homes to industrial buildings and stadiums, these trusses are what prevent a roof from caving in and keep us safe.
  • Easy Installation: If you have seen a house or building being constructed you would have noticed that while foundations take a long time to lay, and walls can take weeks to complete, roof trusses seem to go up in a day. Roof trusses are fabricated off-site, before they arrive at the building site, this is partly what makes their installation so quick and easy. They can also be manufactured according to precise specifications which ensures they do not have to be adjusted much or at all once assembled on-site. This will also mean that labour costs are reduced as time will not be wasted on manufacturing and installation on the construction site.
  • Aesthetic Flexibility: Roof trusses aren't just practical, they are beautiful too. When looking upwards, one of the most beautiful sights can be a well-designed exposed roof truss. Their designs are also flexible, allowing one to adapt to the architectural design and style of the rest of the building. Therefore, roof trusses can also be a design choice that elevates an architectural design.


In order to experience all of the benefits that roof trusses can offer, it is important to ensure that your supplier only deals in the highest quality trusses. Therefore, ensure that the wood they are using is of high quality and that they have the proper equipment and experience to ensure a strong roof truss.


Roof Truss Prices in South Africa

Depending on the style of roof trusses chosen, the type of wood used, and the fee charged by the manufacturer, the price of wood trusses can fluctuate. When searching for wood trusses, it is best to consult various suppliers. You should do your research well to ensure that the manufacturer truly has the expertise required to provide you with high-quality roof trusses. After all, your safety in your home or office building does depend on its structural integrity. Therefore, prioritise quality above price when shopping for roof trusses.


TWK Agri is a company that specialises in timber and roof trusses. They originally started as timber farmers, and then later branched out into processing wood and manufacturing products such as roof trusses. Visit the AgrifoodSA directory to find out more about TWK Agri and its exceptional roof trusses.

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