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Air Service Centre

Air Service Centre Is a Registered Agent for Top International Product Brands

Air Service Centre is focused on the distribution and wholesale of air-related products as well as the installation, maintenance and repair of high-quality products and systems. It is our aim to assist our customers in such a way to enhance their operations and productivity while promoting a safe working environment.

Air Service Centre is a registered agent for top international product brands. These include high quality and technologically advanced products that are energy efficient with low maintenance requirements to help reduce operational costs. We provide a complete spectrum of Compressed Air products, Pneumatic and Vacuum systems, Coolers, Dryers as well as spare parts for all the products we install, with full back up from the brand manufacturer.



Since establishment in 2001, Air Service Centre has grown into the air services provider of choice on the African continent. Air Service Centre supplies and services over 3 000 customers with a variety of quality air-related products, including clean, dry compressed air and high-performing vacuum systems. From medical to mining, Air Service Centre is the name you can trust to deliver the exceptional service your business deserves.


Businesses in the medical, pharmaceutical, automotive fabrication, food and beverage, mining, petro-chemical and manufacturing industries are built on efficiency. And yet, many companies operating in Africa were having to manage inefficiency due to unreliable technology and poor service. That is, until Air Service Centre entered the market.


Providing trusted and reliable technology combined with unmatched service delivery excellence, Air Service Centre has established itself as the service leader in Africa. The company takes a pro-active approach to service, following a well-structured maintenance plan and monitoring equipment on an on-going basis to promote uninterrupted operation efficiency and minimise downtime risks for customers. The service contact line is always open, with trained service agents offering advice and action in the shortest lead time possible, 365 days a year.



Air Service Centre started its operations in 2001 in Pretoria, South Africa, after identifying a gap in the market for the delivery and maintenance of quality air products and services. Since inception the company has grown rapidly, nearly doubling its customer base every year. With extensive experience in a variety of industries and track record of nearly two decades, we are confident in our ability to service all types of businesses proficiently and professionally all over Africa.



Our products and services are trusted by more than 3 000 customers and repeat business. We deliver a professional service with a combined industry experience of 97 years and follow a proactive approach, ensuring that we meet our customers’ requirements and expectations.



We carry stock of most products and spare parts and have an extensive range of Emergency Loan or Hire units and Mobile Medical Plantrooms available.



We provide our products and services competitively and in addition, we always look for opportunities to help our customers save both in the short- and long-term.



  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive Fabrication
  • Food and Beverage
  • Mining
  • Petro-chemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive Panel shops
  • Wood Industry



We have a highly qualified technical team, providing 24 hours standby (24/7, 365 days) service with an exceptional response time guaranteed according to quality, safety and environmental regulations.


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