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Lemaitre Safety Boot

One Worker Supporting Another

For more than 30 years, Lemaitre has supported South African workers with locally manufactured, top-quality safety footwear, and responsible sourcing that supports local industries. Now more than ever, it’s about one worker supporting another in order to play our part in boosting the economy and getting South Africa back on its feet.


Lemaitre Safety Footwear, as part of the BBF Safety Group, has long been a staunch supporter of not just manufacturing locally, but sourcing local suppliers and components as far as possible to support the people and communities of this great country. With the economic potential our country holds, it is essential for us to support local products, services and businesses wherever possible, to fast-track the route to an economically strong South Africa.


Local Procurement

Lemaitre is committed to playing our part and if we’re serious about building a strong and sustainable local economy, it starts with our procurement processes. We recognise our responsibility to earnestly support local businesses and SMMEs by sourcing key components, and outsourcing some of our production work. This ensures that Lemaitre is contributing to the local economy and the communities beyond even our own workforce.


Local Manufacturing

We believe in what we can accomplish locally. With over 400 employees, we are serious about job creation. Most of the work and labour required in manufacturing our safety footwear goes into the upper construction. Lemaitre uppers are produced in South Africa in our factory in Port Elizabeth and also through various independent CMTs. Together, we produce proudly South African safety footwear that protects workers across various industries and lays the foundations of positive change.


Local Distribution

Our safety footwear is in demand throughout Africa, so we use the capability of local companies to get it there – which includes transporting, warehousing and reselling. After all, South Africans have always shown the ability to go the extra mile.  


Keeping Workers Safe Across Industries and Applications 

By manufacturing and distributing safety footwear products of the highest quality, we are looking out for the hardworking people who are building a stronger South Africa. Lemaitre Safety Footwear is proudly manufactured by workers, for workers and we continue to build a stronger South Africa through supporting local suppliers across various industries.


Our local procurement aims to contribute to the social and economic development of the communities we operate in by creating an enabling environment for job creation and skill development. We believe achieving this requires collaborative ways of working with our suppliers, workers and communities to secure stronger community bonds for another 30 years and counting.


Lemaitre has been working behind the scenes on a number of new ranges for various applications. Follow Lemaitre Safety Footwear on Facebook or visit for more details or to find your nearest distributor.


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