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Wood Chippers: The Benefits And Uses For Farmers In South Africa

Wood chippers provide farmers with various options for their waste wood or tree felling branches. By finding a wood chipper for hire or to buy, a farmer can repurpose the wood using an environmentally-friendly method, as opposed to harsher methods, like burning wood.

Why Use a Wood Chipper?

A wood chipper is much more environmentally friendly than burning the wood, which causes damage to the natural ecosystem. Farmers should not be burning wood, because:

  • Burning wood weakens the soil in the area
  • Burning wood is environmentally unsafe and hazardous
  • Burning wood releases toxins in the air

By chipping the wood instead of burning it, you are able to reuse the chips for other purposes; you are also doing a favour to the environment, while streamlining tasks such as tree felling.

Wood Chips in Agriculture

In agriculture, wood chips make a wonderful additive to fertiliser. This results in effective crop production and also ties in neatly where deforestation is caused by agricultural purposes. Wood chips also make for excellent livestock bedding and poultry sheds which already make use of wood chips.

With wood chips, you can also possibly create additional streams of revenue, such as:

  • Providing wood recycling services to your area
  • Selling mulch made out of wood chips
  • Selling livestock or poultry bedding
  • Offering your wood chipper for hire to other farmers to reap the same benefits

Looking for a Wood Chipper for Sale or for Hire?

If you are browsing for a wood chipper for sale or for hire, get in contact with Africa Biomass Company, experts in quality wood chipper sales and wood recycling services. For these and other experts with experience in providing the South African agricultural industry with green solutions, browse our agricultural directory for anything farm related!

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