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Professional Poultry Breeding Guarantees Superior Quality

With the increased demand for food due to the ever climbing population tallies, food suppliers and producers have had to “up their game” so to speak. Broiler breeding stock have become essential agricultural products. Thanks to them, we have people working to ensure broiler chickens are better broilers, breeders and produce higher yields and quality of chicks, eggs and meat.

The Challenge with Broiler Nutrition

Broiler breeder hens need to be fed in such a way that they achieve their genetic potential to produce as many safe and nutritious eggs as possible. This, on top of the fact that broiler nutrition needs to sustain rapid growth, means that their nutrient intake must be consistent and closely monitored.

At the same time all of these activities must be innovative while remaining true to values like animal welfare, development procedures, production rules as well as sale and service protocols.

All the Vitamins and Minerals Poultry Needs To Thrive

Along with the right quantities of energy, protein and amino acids for any poultry to thrive they also need the right vitamins and minerals (70% of their required nutrients) to be healthy, safe and to continue as a dependable agricultural product, at the end of the day.

At Cobb, we thought it best to increase the levels of these vitamins and nutrients with 10 – 20% more than they may need to ensure each meal is more than enough to sustain healthy chickens.

Broiler breeder nutrition is what creates a superior agricultural product, free of antibiotics and taking animal welfare into consideration throughout the entire process.

To learn more about the agricultural products that make for better end products, navigate to the Agricultural Products Directory and search for whatever it is you may need.

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