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Advanced Health Care Takes Care Of Your Health At NAMPO 2022

Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies was founded on 01 March 2000 by Barries Barnard, with the vision of employing people who wanted to work rather than being driven in line with the Company’s nature of being entrepreneurial, and has been inspired by the prospects of a new democratic South Africa and the emerging opportunities from the BEE policy. The company began dealing solely in the fire protection line of business and secured the official sole distributorship of TYCO International safety products in Southern Africa.

TYCO Group is the largest fire protection group in the world solving fire protection needs since 1939 which includes inter alia; ANSUL®, Grinnel, Total Walther, Macron and Wormald. With this alliance we have access to the most advanced fire fighting products in the world.

AFST boasts a customer base in excess of 1150, operating across 15 branches and established distribution networks within South Africa as well as in Sub Saharan and West Africa. Our customers with maintenance contracts enjoy a 24/7 on site service offering.

Their distribution network reaches clients in and around South Africa as well as far as the African continent.


Launching a new product at NAMPO

In May 2022 at the annual Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day, the biggest agricultural show in the Southern hemisphere, outside Bothaville Advance launched an exciting new product. The new product that was launched by Advance is the Advanced VITA. It is a sanitiser, decontamination, sterilising and disinfecting solution that is 100% non-toxic. It is one of very few solutions on the market that is known to kill all Pathogens and is the only one that is 100% non-toxic. This makes it the most ideal solution for all our applications, especially when having to deal with sanitising of people.

The main area of infection and contamination on the human body is the face (nose, mouth, eyes, etc) so what use is a sanitiser that cannot be sprayed or applied on the face due to any level of toxicity?

“Being a HOCl product, we have reams of scientific and medical tests and reports on the product that go back 30 years. Coupled to this, is the EPA certification of the product. For VITA HOCI Applications keep reading” said Simon Nash the Marketing and Sales manager at ADVANCE.

Consider the importance of the correct selection of the sanitiser…. this is, despite every application method and product and methodology, the final product that comes directly into contact with the virus to kill it. This is the bullet in the entire arsenal of products and services. In this regard, you would only want the very best that the market has to offer. As A Personal Sanitizer

VITA HOCI applications for Face and hand spray, surface spray, nasal irrigation, gargle, room humidifying/ air revitalising


VITA HOCI Applications

Effective, safe and environmentally kind for use personal use, as well as use in mining, meat processing, fresh produce processing, veterinary use and Water treatment.

Vita HOCI is used in the mining industry as hand spray, change room sanitizer, canteen and kitchen sanitizing, athlete’s foot prevention.

Simon says that in the meat processing VITA HOCI can effectively be used as to sanitize meat products and meat -contact surfaces without having to rinse disinfectant off. Sanitize equipment and water pipes to prevent biofilm build up. Even fresh produce processing can benefit for m using the product. Simply sanitize produce for export without having to clean disinfectant off to increase product longevity. “Sanitize any equipment and water pipes to prevent biofilm build-up” he said.

The Veterinary visitors to NAMPO are very excited about the use of the product for the treatment of wounds, prevention of Biofilm build-up in water troughs and water pipes. Sanitize consulting and treatment rooms.


Biosecurity and the use of VITA HOCI in the Agricultural Industry

“Biosecurity is a combination of management practices and protocols designed to prevent the transmission of diseases and disease-causing agents. In general, biosecurity involves restricting the movement of anything capable of carrying disease or disease-causing agents, including people, pigs, birds, other animals, and water” said Mr Mash. We are always looking for opportunity to mitigate risks and manage risks and we do that in the Agricultural Industry as well he stated.

Biosecurity refers to measures that are taken to stop the spread or introduction of harmful organisms to human, animal and plant life. The measures taken are a combination of processes and systems that have been put in place by bioscience laboratories, customs agents and agricultural managers to prevent the use of dangerous pathogens and toxins.

The main aim of biosecurity is to protect human health and to increase and protect agricultural produce through the prevention, control and management of biological risk factors.


Water Treatment with VITA HOCI

We use VITA HOCI in the prevention of spreading of viruses and bacteria via water, production of drinkable water from polluted water and even in the prevention of Biofilm build-up

VITA HOCI has been effective against:

  • All bacteria
  • Multi-drug resistant pathogens
  • All fungi and yeast
  • Viruses
  • Spores
  • Prions
  • Biofilm
  • Micro-organisms cannot build a resistance
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Offers immunomodulatory properties

“In Pill or powder form Advanced HOCl solution is not only more cost-effective when purchased in bulk, but also very easy to transport. Enough powder to make 1000 litres of sanitizer will fit in a shoe box, just add water as and when needed at an average rate of 1gram per litre water depending on strength required” said Simon Nash.



The product is 100% Non-toxic and it is biocompatible, a 100% natural and 100% safe Simon explained. The great thing is that no special protection equipment will be needed. “Remember Hydrochloric acid (also called HCL, HCL acid or betaine hydrochloride in supplement form) is considered one of the most important fluids (or “juices”) found in the human body. HCL is a natural component of our gastric juices/gastric acid. It produced by cells in the stomach and has a number of important roles when it comes to protecting us from infections”. Simon reminded us.

VITA HOCI is safe and it is non-mutagenic (does not change cell’s DNA. This product contains no skin sensitizations or irritations and in the application process no special PPE will be required when applying. “We are excited to see the results of the effectiveness of this product in the Agri Industry in future, SimonNash concluded.


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