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Advanced Health Care
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The Advanced Group of Companies has grown from humble beginnings in 2000 to aformidable force in the risk management, risk mitigation and emergency response markets.

The group’s growth can be attributed to its founding principles of trust and quality and its three pillars of operation, namely: Risk management, Risk mitigation and Emergency response.

This has made us the market leader when it comes to total risk management on the African continent. With companies servicing all three pillar segments, the group is well positioned to deliver on its promise of Saving Lives and Protecting Assets!

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When it comes to risk management, risk mitigation and emergency response, we’re the best. Safety is our number one priority and meeting our clients’ needs the only seal of approval that counts.

Comprising several subsidiary companies, the Advanced Group provides a comprehensive range of risk management, risk mitigation and emergency response products and services to the mining, municipal, commercial, hospitality, aeronautical, marine, petrochemical, oil and gas, and industrial sectors across Africa.

Each Advanced Group subsidiary company is a market leader in its respective field. When it comes to Saving Lives and Protecting Assets, we are the only choice to meet your risk management, risk mitigation or emergency response needs.

Products & Services
Meat Processing

A 100% effective, 100% natural meat sanitizer

Effective decontamination and sanitation of meat products is critical to maximizing product   quality and maximizing the shelf life of all meat products and to minimize product rejection and customer complaints. Advanced VITA HOCl is ideally suited for the decontamination of meat products such as carcasses, carcass cuts, processed meats, cold meats, offal products and vacuum packed and display fridge meat to improve product quality and shelf life and reduce weight loss.

Advanced VITA HOCl (Hypochlorous acid) is a neutral-to-acidic sanitizer. HOCl has been studied for over one hundred years and is undeniably a more powerful oxidant than chlorine bleach. Only in the last 30 years have we been able to generate solutions  of near 100% HOCl in such a stable form. HOCl kills bacteria, bacterial spores, and viruses one hundred times more effectively than chlorine bleach.

Processing Plant Sanitation

Advanced VITA HOCl (hypochlorous acid) can be used on meat directly for sanitation at concentrations as high as 60 ppm under Food Contact Notification (FCN) 1811. It is approved by the EPA for use on food contact surfaces at concentrations as high as 200 ppm. It is also approved for use in meat processing water at concentrations up to 5 ppm. HOCl has demonstrated in numerous studies to be highly effective for inactivating E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella enteritidis, and Listeria monocytogenes.

Direct Sanitation of Meat

The contamination of beef during the slaughter and processing of carcasses is a major risk for subsequent foodborne infection. Bacteria present on hides, hooves and other external surfaces of the cattle at the time of slaughter are potential sources of contamination of the carcass and subsequently of all derived beef products.

The Code of Federal regulations acknowledges that fecal contamination of carcasses is the primary avenue for contamination by microbial pathogens. E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella enteritidis, and Listeria monocytogenes are common pathogens seen on meat and in meat processing facilities that cause foodborne illness. Traditional methods of direct meat sanitation involve hot water, steam, and organic acids such as lactic acid, all of which are expensive for smaller processors and to which bacteria can develop resistance.

Advanced VITA HOCl is a powerful oxidant that is stable in solution and cost effective. When saturating meat contaminated with microbial pathogens, HOCl quickly inactivates the pathogens by damaging their cell walls and disrupting their internal proteins, lipids, and DNA.

Poultry and Pigs Livestock and Processing Sanitization

Disease control, high production, product quality, and reasonable production costs have been the recent main goals of the poultry industry. Hence, meeting per capita consumption, and human welfare necessitates continuous efficient and goal-oriented healthcare to control disease spread and decrease the application of antibiotics. Advanced VITA HOCl addresses the control of disease whilst decreasing the need for the use of antibiotics.

A 100% effective, natural sanitizer for protecting livestock and sanitizing poultry products

Effective decontamination of the hatchery or brooder in order to prevent the spread of Avian disease, and the removal of pathogenic organisms from poultry products, are all essential to ensuring the well-being of livestock and subsequent product quality and optimized shelf life. By so doing, livestock losses, product returns and customer complaints are all minimized and bottom-line profits protected. Advanced VITA HOCl is ideally suited for    decontamination of both environment and poultry products,  and is a cost effective and  ideal solution to maintaining a healthy flock and improving product quality and shelf life.

Poultry and Swine Livestock Sanitation

Advanced VITA HOCl is safe on animals and effective at reducing colony  counts of microorganisms when livestock is kept in close quarters. Research has demonstrated a link between cross-contamination in the hatchery or farm and contaminated carcasses during processing. Proper sanitation of the hatchery and living environments of poultry and pigs are essential for reducing E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. Appropriate cleaning and disinfection procedures are critical to breaking foodborne trans- mission cycles of microbial pathogens that contaminate housing, feeding, and equipment.


As it is eco-friendly and safe on animals, Advanced VITA HOCl can be applied broadly by  misting or fogging without any harm to livestock. It can be applied by pressure sprayers to sanitize equipment and hard surfaces and can also be dosed into the drinking water to dis- infect and help maintain sanitation and prevent Biofilm build-up.

Not only is Advanced VITA HOCl sanitizer safe and all-natural, it is also more effective than most of the chemicals currently used for sanitization.

Pressure Spraying and Fogging

When sanitizing contact surfaces, tools, equipment or cold rooms, Advanced VITA HOCl can be applied via pressure sprayers or foggers or even cold steam humidifiers. The active molecule in Advanced VITA HOCl is hypochlorous acid, a powerful oxidant that is stable in solution. Hypochlorous acid is approved by the EPA for use on food contact surfaces at concentrations as high as 200 ppm. Advanced VITA HOCl is highly effective at inactivating microbial pathogens when making contact in liquid form. In South Africa, Advanced VITA HOCl has been certified by the SABS under SANS 1853 and 1828 as suitable for use in food processing.

Employee Safety

Use of toxic concentrated chemicals for cleaning purposes is a safety hazard for employees as they are respiratory and skin irritants.

Comparatively, Advanced VITA HOCl Sanitizer is 100% safe for employees. Processing plants can switch to an environmentally friendly sanitizer while saving time, space, and money. Advanced VITA HOCl, is one hundred times more effective than sodium hypochlorite yet requires no protective gear or safety equipment and is non-toxic, non-irritant, and eco-friendly.

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