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Your Best Choice for Planter Monitors and Process Monitors is Electrolee

Electrolee was formed in 1989 and is an independent, privately owned business. It serves a client base throughout Southern Africa as well as abroad.

Our products are manufactured in-house under strict quality control and sold with a three-year guarantee.

In order to provide our valued customers with products which are increasingly a better solution for a particular problem, as well as more cost efficient, Electrolee invests substantially into research and development.

Our daily work is to joyfully innovative the future.

In the course of product design, many fields of discipline have to be mastered to some degree.

Some of those include:

  • Software development (Microprocessors)
  • Electronic circuit design and system integration
  • Mechanical design regarding product enclosure and other mechanical parts
  • Plastic resin molding

Our products are well known as "good value for money".



As a company rooted in the warmth of Africa, knowing the challenges of both the elements and the end user, our products stand proudly amongst the world's best.



Where a product was sold, a long-term relationship starts with quality service. Our service emphasis is on doing things speedily and correct the first time.




The Basic ELECTROLEE PLANTER MONITOR is a rugged piece of equipment for a tough environment. Built to last! With a Three-Year Warrantee. Use this reliable monitor to stop expensive unnecessary losses. Missed rows, or rows with no fertilizer can be very costly.

Such losses can easily be avoided. The planter monitor system detects and conveys the information to the user. Therefore, use an Electrolee and react immediately when something goes wrong. It’s exiting bright LED's gives a true feeling of "being in touch" with the planting process. 
The LED's activity is showing the kernels as they fall. It gives the user a real sense of being in touch with his planting process.

Get an Electrolee to assist you in cutting losses due to missed rows. The Electrolee has proven over the years that it soon pays for itself. With a set of electronic sensors strategically placed in your planter units, the Basic Planter Monitor can monitor seed flow or other activity as it happens during the planting process. This technology enables you to “see”, so to say, inside the seed tubes of your planter.

And all is monitored from the driver’s seat of your tractor. 

As the driver of the tractor proceeds with the planting process, he can confidently focus on the wider planting process, knowing the Planter Monitor will report a missed row as soon as it happens. Peace of mind is an immediate result of implementing an Electrolee Planter Monitor.

The moment a blockage is recognized, the alarm sounds, prompting the driver to stop. He can then rectify the problem swiftly. Only with this early warning system are you in the position to eliminate dead rows due to missed planting. The Basic Planter Monitor is always used as basis for the DIGITAL UNIT which is in essence a Population Calculator with many added functions.


Planter Monitor Features

  • The Touch and Feel of this Planter Monitor is uniquely Tough and Robust
  • Bright LED's gives a FEEL of being in touch with the process
  • Highly effective, even in dusty conditions
  • User friendly and really easy to operate
  • Any number of channel(s) can be left unconnected
  • Sealed against dust and excessive moisture
  • Lightweight and easy to mount
  • Clear frequency modulated alarm ensures that an alarm condition is always heard
  • Two friction based adjustable stainless-steel feet. Makes it easy to tilt the angle of the monitor for an effective view
  • Can be mounted on an instrument panel, against a cab wall or in a hanging position from the tractor's cab ceiling
  • Ultra-reliable bright LED indicator lights shows every kernel as it falls past the sensor and into the ground
  • The bottom row of LED's indicates an alarm condition at that row, when the alarm is acknowledged


Other Features

  • Connects to the tractor's 12 Volt battery supply
  • User Manual with detailed installation and operating instructions included
  • Wide range of sensors available
  • Designed and Manufactured in South Africa for the toughest conditions
  • Top ranking after sales service
  • If anything might go wrong, any part in the system can be supplied or repaired within a day or two. (Depending on logistics)
  • Top-quality three-year guarantee


Types of Sensors Available

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