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Pelletizing Machine

Different Types of Pelletizing Machines

Pelletizing or pelletising is the when a material (such as chemicals, animal feed, rubber and more) is compressed and moulded into a condensed pellet shape and size. There are multiple different machines to get these jobs done – they are called “pelletizer machines”, or “pellet machines”. Pelletizer machines are available from Agricon.

Single Phase Pelletizer

This is Agricon’s smallest entry level pelleting machine, developed specifically for research and development of new products and processes. It is used for speciality pelleting (high value, low volume pellets) as it only has a capacity of 50-80kg per hour, depending on pellet size and product. It’s also popular amongst hobby breeders of exotic animals.

Three Phase Pelletizer

Also for entry level pellet producers and niche markets, the three phase pelletizer can be used as a stand-alone unit or it can be incorporated into a fully automated small pelleting plant. This entry level three phase machine is developed for use in research and development of new products and processes.

Tractor Driven Pelletizer

This Tractor powered pelletizer is built for customers who don’t have access to three phase power pelletizers. Each is built using Agricon’s advanced technology to make pelletizing easier. It isn’t driven by electricity, however, and is actually mechanical – though this doesn’t mean that it compromises on quality; it is rated as the best PTO pelleting machine on the market.

The development of the Agricon pellet mill (pellet machine or pellet press) range saw the company growing from a one-man business to an Internationally recognised role player in the Pelleting Industry. Agricon Pelleting owns pelletizing technology in the fields of biomass pelleting and feed mills. Agricon’s machines can proudly produce pellets from material that have never been pelletized before.

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Pelletizing Machine