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Avant Loaders South Africa

Avant Loaders South Africa

AVANTSA offers quality solutions to your mini digger and compact loader requirements for a multitude of industries. With over 200 attachments, Avant boasts loaders with the flexibility to perform all kinds of work. The Avant quick-attach system and hydraulic multi-connecter have a wide range of easy-to-apply attachments. This ensures that Avant loaders are versatile, allowing you to perform all kinds of work just by changing the attachment.

Types of Avant Loaders

There are a multitude of different loaders available, namely:

The Avant 400 Loader

The Avant 400 series is compact easily manoeuvred, making it very dynamic for many various purposes. From ground-care, agriculture, landscaping, earthmoving, lifting, or handling, etc. The engine boasts sufficient power to guarantee the utmost fast and effective work all year. The Avant 400 series power is sufficient for most Avant attachments.

The Avant 500 Loader

The Avant 500 Loader boasts a host of convenient properties, namely:

  • Has lift height and outreach
  • Unrestricted visibility
  • Load handling will be quicker and more precise
  • Automatically levelled in all positions of the loader boom.
  • Sideways movement of the load in cramped spaces.

The Avant 600 Loader

This is the most versatile of the other loaders. It mixes power, lift capacity and professional hydraulics in a conveniently small loader. It’s a well-liked choice for all jobs. The maximum 1.1-tonne lift capacity is perfect for all jobs, and the auxiliary hydraulics runs almost all Avant attachments. Thanks to the compact dimensions, it is possible to fit both the loader and the attachments on the trailer, and even inside a van if necessary.


The Avant 700 Loader

While Avant loaders are made as compact as possible, they do not lack on reach and lift height capabilities. Avant 700 series offers strong and real multi-use loaders for jobs where high lift capacity and/or drive speed is needed, whilst being as compact as possible. The 700 series can be fitted with all cab options, also with A/C, which ensures the perfect conditions for a full day’s work. Avant’s telescopic boom makes it possible to have a very compact machine with a great outreach and lift capacity. When the telescopic boom is retracted it is possible to lift heavier loads. With the boom fully extended, the reach and lift height are unparalleled. In many cases it is possible to load a trailer from one side thanks to the outreach of the telescopic boom and still have excellent all-round visibility.


The Avant 800 Loader
As the flagship of the range, the Avant 800 series pushes the limits of a compact loader. It has more lift height and capacity than ever before. It reaches all the way to tall mixer feeder wagons and can load a truck from one side to the far edge eliminating the need to drive around the truck when loading. The 800 series can also handle stone pallets with ease thanks to the 1,9-tonne capacity. Yet it is compact enough to work in places where bigger machines cannot go and can be transported on a conventional car trailer. In addition to the standard ROPS/FOPS cab, the optional GT cab is a modern air-conditioned, vibration insulated comfort zone for the driver. Low noise level combined with excellent visibility and ergonomics guarantee a comfortable full day’s work in the cab. The cab can be equipped following the customers’ needs – with A/C, Bluetooth radio, air suspension seat etc. It is the best cab in the market - period. Avant’s ingenious articulated design where the driver sits in the front chassis and has a perfect view on the attachment and work area means low centre of gravity of the machine, which is an important factor in the stability. Also, the rigid articulation joint which doesn’t swing sideways increases stability in all situations and at the same time best possible traction can be achieved thanks to the advanced 4x4 system.


For these and other agricultural equipment, visit our directory and search for the product that you need. 

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