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Communique On Foreign Materials Dispensation Requests

Communique On Foreign Materials Dispensation Requests

In previous seasons, exporters of fresh produce had the option to add foreign materials in the export containers with fresh produce. This was done via a dispensation process where the party requesting to include other material in the container would complete a T13 form requesting such. After careful consideration and assessment of the request, PPECB would allow this if it met their standards for including foreign material in a container.

This process was also permitted as a means to meet clients’ needs to move items such as new product samples, promotional or packaging materials which are destined to the same client or country receiving the fresh produce consignment in the container.

Over the last few weeks, PPECB’s technical team had extensive engagements internally and with various stakeholders on the legislative aspects of this action on the export chain. After careful review and input, this privilege has been rescinded by PPECB, effective immediately. This decision was taken due to many factors, including food safety and risk to cold chain management.

The PPECB inspection services has the mandate to independently inspect and certify refrigerated containers with perishable products. After inspection the container is sealed until it reaches its destination. However, including foreign material in an export container would require that the container be re-inspected by customs and Boarder Management Authorities.

This re-inspection would require that the container be opened for inspection, which could be detrimental to cold chain management. Also, opening a sealed container compromises the integrity of the export certificate issued on initial sealing.

PPECB understands that this is an inconvenience to many clients that have relied on this dispensation but asks for their understanding and cooperation in ensuring that as an organisation we achieve our primary objective of enhancing the credibility of the export certificate for South African products.


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