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Agriculture is a highly demanding business and industry with many requirements for success. Most of what you need to make a success of any agricultural business or project seems so simple that most people just overlook it all, but AgriTrade has made a point of remembering the basics so that you will always have somebody to go to for the things you need. Here are a few of these often overlooked basics.

For the crops

For those who make a living from crops, fertilizer and seeds are indispensable. There is no way anybody can grow a crop without seeds, so you would not be likely to forget them. But how extensively have you researched your seed suppliers, and are you aware of any other suppliers who might have something better for you? Fertilizer is also an important factor that beyond being remembered also needs to be researched. Does your supplier’s fertilizer have the correct nutrients in it for your specific crop?

These and others are all questions that many farmers forget to ask, especially when buying seed and fertilizer from separate suppliers. That is why it is a good idea to make use of suppliers who can sell you both the seed and fertilizer all at once, like AgriTrade. That way you are more likely to get exactly what you need.

For the sake of safety

Especially for those of you farming with livestock, the safety of your stock is of utmost importance. AgriTrade has the safety of your livestock, crops and property covered with great fencing solutions.

Fencing is something that many farmers either overlook or neglect because they underestimate its value. An effective, strong fence is a great way to keep your crops separated from your livestock, for one, so that your animals don’t accidentally trample or eat your produce and destroy your investment. Quality fencing will also help to keep your cattle on your property within a safe environment while keeping out all unwanted intruders – both human and animal. Good fencing is an investment in safety and good business, which everybody needs.

Keep things flowing smoothly

Water shortages and draught are common in South Africa, especially in certain areas. This can be a dire situation for agricultural business, which is why it is important to make sure you have a proper irrigation system for your environment.

If your machines and their parts are drying up a bit as well, AgriTrade also stocks lubricants, so your equipment will never have to get stuck again and you can keep things moving smoothly.


Contact Nardus at AgriTrade to find out exactly what they have for you to cover all your basic agricultural needs! If there is anything else you might need, perhaps something more specialised, you’ll find all the necessary suppliers on the AgriFoodSA directory.

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