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Farming For the Future Redefines Agriculture Through Sustainable Practices and Biodiversity Conservation

In a testament to the power of nature-inspired farming and having been on a transformative Farming for the Future journey since 2009, Woolworths has launched an innovative campaign dedicated to fostering biodiversity, enhancing soil health, and revitalising the agricultural landscape. With an unwavering commitment to ‘our collective tomorrow’, Farming for the Future signals a new era in agriculture, where the thriving of nature is synonymous with a prosperous food system.


Central to the campaign's mission is awareness and the promotion of natural pest control methods and biodiversity conservation to safeguard crop health and resilience. Recognising the interconnectedness of all living organisms, Farming for the Future embraces the principle of ‘it's a bug-eat-bug world,’ nurturing beneficial insects like ladybirds to control pest populations without resorting to harmful pesticides.

"Ladybirds are not only helpful to humans; they're deadly to pests like aphids," explains Latiefa Behardien, Chief Food Technology and Sustainability Officer at Woolworths. "Instead of automatically reaching for pesticides, our farmers nurture aphid-loving predators like ladybirds, allowing nature to maintain a delicate balance in their orchards without harming beneficial insects like bees."

In addition to promoting biodiversity above ground, Farming for the Future champions the importance of healthy soil as the foundation of a resilient food system. By fostering an underground movement of soil-dwelling organisms, including the resilient tardigrade, farmers can enhance soil fertility, structure, and nutrient cycling, leading to improved crop yields and ecosystem health.

"The tardigrade and its underground coworkers are the unsung heroes of healthy soil, turning organic matter into the nutrients plants need to produce the food we eat," adds Behardien. "Through practices like composting, we feed them, and they, in turn, feed us, creating a virtuous cycle of regeneration and abundance."

As part of the campaign launch, Woolworths has introduced an interactive digital experience designed to showcase the transformative potential of biodiversity and healthy soil in agriculture. Through an immersive online platform, visitors can explore the role of beneficial insects and learn about soil health practices.

"We believe that when nature thrives, our food system thrives too," emphasises Behardien. "Through our Farming for the Future, we're not just cultivating crops; we're cultivating resilience, biodiversity, and abundance for future generations."

By embracing biodiversity, nurturing healthy soil, and promoting sustainable practices, we can build a future where agriculture serves as a catalyst for positive environmental and social change.

Immerse yourself in the digital experience here:

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