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How Technology Can Keep You And Your Livestock Safe

The innovations and practical applications technology bring to the world of agriculture are seemingly boundless. Now, it can even deliver you real-time reports wherever you may be on the whereabouts of your animals while they are in the field.

Technology in agriculture doesn’t just mean agricultural machinery in the form of tractors anymore but has stretched much further. You can now use an internet connection to do anything from setting the timer on your irrigation system to tracking your livestock remotely. The benefits of this technology for farmers is far-reaching and the results are highly impressive. The advancements in agricultural technology that can be controlled with a cell phone are becoming more and more available and user-friendly.

The Benefits Of Tracking Your Livestock

Taking advantage of technology within the agricultural sector can streamline processes as well as provide new security measures. When your livelihood is at stake you should take technological steps to prevent it being damaged or stolen.

Track Movement

Knowing where your flock or herd is has always been essential to the effectivity and success of farming. Before any technology existed this was done by a shepherd or cowboys, and now we have cell phones. With the use of cell phones, you can track your animals in real time. Knowing which group of animals is in which grazing area at what time allows you to go about other business with the peace of mind that your livestock is where they need to be.

Deter Predators

With specialised collars, the flock is not only tracked but the sensors can detect irregular movement, especially at night when it is more sensitive. When something out of the ordinary like a predator startles the herd or flock you will be notified because they will likely flee, triggering the cell phone’s alarm.

Prevent Theft

The sensor will also pick up strange movement in the event that someone attempts to steal your livestock. They will likely be spooked by a thief, giving you time to react to the alarm. You don’t even need a smartphone – you can be notified with a phone call or SMS on a regular cell phone.

Mobile Service For Any Agricultural Area

You may think that farms are generally in quite remote areas without cell phone service so the remote abilities of cell phone coverage do not apply to them. Think again. Technology has taken this into consideration and now you can invest in a cell phone signal booster. This small device can increase your signal with as much as a 10-meter radius from the internal antenna with a C10 and as much as a 30-meter radius with the C23.

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