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The Importance of Water Filtration for your Home

Water is the essence of all life and we would not exist without it. People accept this as truth. Then why quench your body with anything but the best? Water is the key to our health in so many ways. Our bodies need it, agriculture uses it to grow the crops we eat and it is essential to most industries’ processes.

Aquamat offers water solutions so that you are never without water in the forms of rain water recycling, grey water harvesting and water recycling. They also offer filtration systems on an agricultural scale to ensure the well-being of crops, and to ensure that there is sufficiently clean, healthy drinking water for livestock.

Most importantly, Aquamat makes sure you do not survive on unfiltered water in your own home. “Why filter tap water?” you may be asking yourself. Read this and you’ll wonder why you haven’t been filtering your water until now.


Harmful Chemicals in Tap Water

Tap water can contain dangerously high quantities of:

  • Chlorine - can be absorbed through the skin and by drinking and increases the risk of cancer by up to 93 per cent.
  • Chloramines - can cause anaemia, stomach cramps and irritation of the eyes and nose.
  • Copper - can be absorbed from the pipes that the water sits in and can cause stomach problems.
  • Nitrates - can be especially dangerous to infants and can interfere with the way blood transports oxygen in your body.

The Health Advantages of Filtered Water

By removing the above-mentioned chemicals, along with large amounts of phosphates and silicates, from tap water you can safeguard you and your family against complications associated with unfiltered drinking water.

The general detoxification that you employ when drinking filtered water benefits your entire body in a number of recognisable ways. Your body will begin to absorb nutrients better which will aid your overall health, show in the hydration of your skin, and even aid weight loss.

The Simple Solution to a Healthier Home

Incorporating a filtration system into your home’s plumbing is less expensive than buying bottled water (which often also contains chemicals). Your water will taste better, be better for your skin and hair, and decrease your risk of gastrointestinal disease by up to 33 per cent of that associated with drinking unfiltered water.

Contact Aquamat for your healthy water solution today!

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