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Concrete Vibrators: How Do They Work?

Concrete Vibrators:: How They Work

Key Elements of a Concrete Vibrator

Using this tool ensures that the finished concrete product is more durable. A concrete vibrator consists of three key elements, namely:

1.Motor: A concrete vibrator is always powered by a gas or electric motor, which acts as the machine's driving force to power the vibrations.

2. Whip: The purpose of the whip is to raise the tool's vibration to the rate that is needed to effectively remove all air bubbles. The motor rotates the inner core of the whip, causing high-frequency vibration. A rubber lining          protects the whip from hot temperatures during operation, preventing motor damage.

3. Head: The head is connected to the whip, which is an elongated component that is submerged within the concrete, producing the vigorous shaking action.


A concrete vibrator vibrates vigorously to eliminate air pockets from freshly poured concrete. To obtain the best outcomes, the process must be carried out at the proper speed. In most cases, removing the device from the surface at a rate of about 3 cm per second will produce the best results. Continue the process until no more air bubbles appear.

This article will further discuss how one can choose the right concrete vibrator for a specific job and dive into one specific type of concrete vibrator namely a poker vibrator.


Choosing the Right Concrete Vibrator for the Job

There is an array of different types of concrete vibrators available that all serve different purposes. There are a few elements to take into consideration when trying to determine what type of concrete vibrator will best suit your needs.


Power Supply

When deciding on the type of concrete vibrator to use, consider the available power supply at the construction site in question. There are electric, pneumatic, and internal combustion vibrators available to choose from.


Type of Project

Different types of projects will need different types of vibrators. For example, external vibrators are used for large-scale constructions such as laying a foundation; whereas internal/poker vibrators can be used for small scaled projects like concrete benches.


Poker Vibrator for Concrete

The most popular and frequently used concrete vibrator is a poker vibrator, also commonly referred to as an internal concrete vibrator. A poker concrete vibrator is a small steel cylinder with an attached electrical cord. The vibrator's head is submerged in freshly poured concrete to vigorously vibrate concrete to remove all air bubbles. It is a high-frequency vibrator with a frequency range of 12,000 to 17,000 vibrations per minute. The amplitudes range between 0.015 and 0.08 inches. The vibrator has a frequency of about 700 rotations per minute.


The Benefits of Poker Vibrator for Concrete:

  • Leads to concrete structures with a higher density.
  • Improved bond with reinforcement steel due to increased strength.
  • Improved bonding on construction joints.
  • Increased durability.
  • Enhanced structural integrity of projects.
  • Reduces the amount of cement required by using drier mixes.


Concrete Vibrators for Sale in South Africa

AgrifoodSA recommends the following internal concrete vibrator for sale in South Africa.


EWO: High-Frequency Internal Vibrators with Built-In Converter

The EWO high-frequency immersion vibrators include a small electronic frequency converter built into the power cable. As a result, this tool can be directly connected to a single-phase power socket for increased convenience. The EWO concrete pokers have high centrifugal force, speed control, and increased wear resistance, making them suitable for many types of concrete projects and ongoing use.

If you’re looking for a quality concrete vibrator in South Africa OLI  is the place to go. OLI is the international leader in industrial vibration technology, providing clients with industrial vibrators, electric vibrators, concrete consolidation, and frequency converters.


At AgrifoodSA, we recommend OLI if you are looking for quality concrete vibrators.

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