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Trailer Parts for Towing

Trailer Parts for Towing

A trailer offers us great convenience, especially if you are heading off on a long holiday or moving. Trailers are used to transport items from one location to another and are also utilised commercially across the world to save money on transportation costs. Trailers are vehicles that are towed behind a primary vehicle and do not have their own engine.

Trailers transport all our extra items, thanks to several trailer parts such as trailer hitches, brakes, axles, jockey stands, ball mounts, gas struts, etc. All these elements work together to ensure that the trailer stays on the road without any disruptions.

This article will discuss some of the different parts of a trailer that are necessary when pulling the trailer with another primary vehicle, as well as where you can get quality trailer parts in Pretoria.


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What is a Trailer Hitch?

A trailer hitch serves as the main link between a vehicle and the trailer it is towing. It is fastened by bolting it to a vehicle and serves as a connection point for attaching a trailer. The trailer hitch provides a tube for a ball mount to be attached. Although you get several different types of trailer hitches the one in question is a receiver hitch. The receiver hitch is considered the most popular and common type of trailer hitch; so popular, in fact, that the term trailer hitch and receiver hitch is used interchangeably.


What is a Ball Mount?

A ball mount is a trailer hitch attachment that consists of a shank and a trailer ball platform. The shank fits into the hitch receiver tube, and the platform serves as a stable mounting place for a trailer ball. A ball mount is the most common trailer hitch accessory.

Ball mounts are available in a wide range of styles.  Some are fixed, consisting of a single component, while others can be customised. Almost all ball mounts have a hole in the shank where a hitch pin can be inserted. The trailer ball is the primary point of contact between the vehicle and the trailer. It consists of a metal ball and a threaded shank or stem. A trailer ball, when connected to the trailer coupler, helps you to smoothly turn and move gently over bumps and potholes.

Trailer balls come in a few standard sizes which ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your trailer coupler.


What is a Hitch Pin?

A hitch pin is a short metal rod that prevents a ball mount shank and the trailer hitch components from slipping out of the hitch receiver tube. The hitch pin is in the shape of an "L" and is inserted into the hitch receiver's side, it then passes through the ball mount shank, and finally exits on the other side. Hitch pins also include a hole on the end that may be used to attach a hairpin-shaped clip, constructed of steel, that serves as a way to keep the pin in place in the receiver.

Some hitch pins are key operated and serve as a hitch lock which ensures that your trailer is safe and securely fastened to the vehicle.


What is a Trailer Coupler?

The trailer coupler is the front part of the trailer and is in conjunction with the trailer ball. In essence, the trailer coupler connects the trailer to your vehicle. The trailer coupler latches onto the trailer ball and ensures smooth towing.

Trailer couplers are available in a variety of sizes, and many may be modified for a more secure connection. To work properly, the trailer coupler must be the same size as the trailer ball.


What is a Jockey Wheel?

A jockey wheel is normally found near the hitch on the front of a trailer. When the trailer is not attached to a tow vehicle, this wheel is utilised to help jockey the trailer into place or to help move it around. In many circumstances, this wheel will also be coupled to the trailer jack.


Trailer Parts Pretoria

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