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What Are the Risks Associated with Power Outages on Your Farm?


The various risks that are presented by power outages in South Africa are unique when it comes to the agricultural industry. Due to these risks, farmers have started turning to off-grid solutions, such as generators equipped with a fuel management system, for effective risk management.

A fuel management system is a smart technological solution that works with your generator. The fuel management system provides a means of remote fuel monitoring and control which will ensure that your generator is always ready to kick in when the power goes out.

Security Vulnerability

As farms are located in remote areas, the security risks are higher than that of a more densely populated area. Farms need security systems such as CCTV, access control and electric fencing in order to secure their assets and property. Most of these systems have one thing in common, they rely on power (electricity) to run. Farmers should therefore eliminate the security risk of power outages by using a combination of a fuel generator with a fuel management system.

Asset Damage or Loss

Many farmers may have assets that need consistent power in order to run throughout the day, such as irrigation systems or cooling systems. These costly and valuable assets, as with most electrical equipment, can be damaged due to the surges caused by power supply being cut off and restored again. Therefore, to minimise the risk of asset damage or loss, farmers should have reliable backup and fuel monitoring solutions in place.

Operational Downtime

Another costly risk associated with power outages is operational downtime which has an impact on any business’ profitability. Farmers will not only lose out on production for the duration of the outage, but they will also still be liable to pay salaries in most cases, even if the workers are unable to complete their work without power.

Looking for Fuel Management Systems in South Africa?

If you’re looking for reliable and trusted fuel management systems, have a look at Sub Sahara Power Distributors. As one of the many reliable businesses listed on SA’s largest agricultural directory, you can guarantee quality. You can even get your entire off-grid solution, including a generator and fuel management system, all within just a few clicks!

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