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Pumping Up Agriculture With Hydraulics Suppliers

How much of your agricultural machinery does not make use of hydraulics? The fact of the matter is that hydraulics is a vital aspect of farming in South Africa today, so having access to spare machinery and parts is essential. In case you’re not convinced, have a look at this:



Safety is a top priority in any industry, and agriculture is no different. While agricultural machinery like tractors and planters were invented to help farmers work faster and more productively, these machines are also far too big to stop by hand. That is why hydraulic systems supply us with a way to safely stop tractors (braking systems) without letting their weight and momentum cause an accident.

You will also sometimes find that debris such as uprooted trees can get in the way. Whereas a team of workers would have had to chop these up to make it small and light enough to drag away with some oxen, a front end loader can lift and haul such loads with ease. And thanks to the hydraulic cylinders that make this possible, no humans or animals need to risk injury in dealing with their immensity and weight.

Increased efficiency

The time taken to plant a single field was one of the greatest challenges in agriculture, with entire teams taking days to plant a single field. Now, a single tractor or planter can be used to handle the same job and more in just a few hours, and with greater precision.

Even better though is the fact that with modern hydraulic systems planters can for instance be set to place seeds at certain depths. The system will be able to fine-tune its pressure and plant seeds exactly where needed, as well as delivering the necessary amount of fertiliser (a job that was once two separate tasks).

The future of agricultural machinery

With the advancements in electronics and hydraulics supplies, the possibilities are endless. The variety of applications for this technology is growing daily, and hydraulics suppliers like Hydracor Hydraulics are leading this trend towards safer and more efficient farming.

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