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The Future Of Healthy Agriculture: Scientific Analysis

Farming in South Africa today comes with a host of challenges. These include everything from high input costs and losses to contamination and pollution. That is why institutions like NviroTek Laboratories are working towards effectively analysing what is happening in agriculture.

Analysing Pesticide Residues

With the increasing demand on resources, farmers are under pressure to deliver better yields for greater profits. The problem with this is that it is driving farmers to use more fertilizer chemicals, pesticides, and fungicides, among other potentially harmful materials. The primary concern with this increased use of chemicals, beyond the potential for soil and water contamination if used incorrectly, is the fact that their by-products contaminate the crops and are then consumed by the end user.

It is for this reason that laboratories are needed, and are being used, to analyse produce which is headed to consumer markets. Here the foodstuffs are subjected to rigorous testing in order to ensure that the residue levels of by products are not harmful. This can also be used by those farming in South Africa to ensure that they use fertilizer chemicals and other substances in the correct manner to ensure safe and profitable production.

Quality Control For Feed

Feed costs are major expenses faced by livestock and poultry farmers, among others. In order to raise healthy livestock at an optimal rate, with the lowest expenditure, proper rationing and feed quality is important. That is why feed should be analysed in order to formulate the correct rations and supplements according to the specific needs of different animals.

Analysing Your Water

Another major challenge in farming in South Africa, especially for farmers who make use of river water for irrigation and consumption, is the quality of this resource. By regularly analysing their water sources farmers will be able to identify the presence of microorganisms, elevated nutrient levels and heavy metals, among other threats.

With this information in hand farmers will be able to implement proper measures to protect against their known threats. Furthermore, they will also be able to request advice from irrigation suppliers, acquiring the necessary equipment to effectively deal with their particular challenges.

Finding Good Help Is Easy

Farming in South Africa may seem daunting with all these challenges, and more, but help is available. Have a look at our agricultural directory to find professionals in the various fields you may need to help with your individual situation.

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