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AGRICOLLEGES International Launching A New Cassava Production Course

Limpopo, South Africa - AGRICOLLEGES International, a renowned online learning platform specialising in agricultural education, is delighted to unveil its latest offering: the Fundamentals of Cassava Production course. This comprehensive program has been expertly developed by Joy Adiele, an esteemed agronomist and natural resources management professional, renowned for her expertise in sustainable farming practices, particularly in root and tuber crops, with a special focus on cassava.

Joy Adiele, currently affiliated with the National Root Crops Research Institute, Umudike Abia State, Nigeria, studied at Wageningen University, Netherlands. And boasts of extensive experience in agro-meteorology, plant nutrition, soil fertility and crop management across West Africa, the United States, and East Africa. Leveraging her wealth of knowledge and proficiency, Joy Adiele has collaborated with AGRICOLLEGES to develop their latest course, aimed at equipping students with a comprehensive understanding of cassava production and management.

Wynand Espach, COO of AGRICOLLEGES International, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to have Joy Adiele as our subject matter expert for the Cassava Production course. Her unparalleled expertise and practical knowledge in this field will undoubtedly provide our students with the necessary skills to thrive in the industry."

The Fundamentals of Cassava Production course will cover a diverse range of topics, including cassava cropping systems, cassava seed production and management, sustainable soil and water management practices, integrated weed, pest and disease management, best harvesting techniques, storage and processing methods and basic operational knowledge on cassava starch production factory, including bio-ethanol production. The 9-week program is designed to provide students with valuable insights into the world of cassava, encompassing production, management, and harvesting processes. The course caters to a wide audience, including commercial farmers, senior staff members, first-time students, emerging farmers, recent school leavers, and established farmers seeking to enhance their cassava production knowledge. Whether newcomers or industry professionals looking to expand their expertise, this course presents an ideal choice.

The course will be delivered online, featuring interactive content, making it accessible to students worldwide. Scheduled to commence on June 20th, interested students can apply through the following link:

"We firmly believe that our new Cassava Production course will be a game-changer for students interested in this field," stated Espach. "Not only will they acquire practical knowledge and skills, but they will also be empowered to contribute to sustainable agricultural practices, making a positive impact on their communities."

AGRICOLLEGES International remains committed to delivering accessible and affordable agricultural education, and the introduction of the Cassava Production course reinforces this commitment. With Joy Adiele's expertise and practical knowledge, students can expect to receive a comprehensive understanding of cassava production and management, setting them on the path to success in this industry.

For further information, please visit AGRICOLLEGES International’s website at


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